The Girls

Also known as “The Hip Chicks” – 🙂

Meet the girls!


Henrietta – one of our original girls.  She’s a Rhode Island Red.  Henrietta lays a large pale brown egg – pretty much every single day.  She is an incredibly consistent layer!  Henrietta was a March 2008 hatchling.  Henrietta loves John.  Whenever he is out working on the coop or in the yard, she follows him around and “supervises.”  She loves to be held, petted, and talked to.


Millie – another of our original girls.  When we bought her as a little day old chick, we were told she was a “Dark” Rhode Island Red.  Millie lays a large brown egg.  She was top hen for a long time, but suffered an injury to one foot last summer, and went down a few notches in the pecking order.  She’s so sweet – and loves to follow us around.  She’s pretty vocal, this one – not randomly, when we come out she “talks” to us – and when you talk to her, she talks back!  She’s hilarious!


Ducky – our lone Dominque.  She lays a light brown egg with polka dots.  Ducky came home with our late April 2008 chicks.  She’s meek, mild, and very, very quiet – but incredibly sweet.  She’s happy to be petted, but is very cautious with people.  She’s an amazingly consistent layer, and keeps the young ‘uns in their place!


Shelly – one of our late April 2008 chicks.  She’s a California White, which is a cross between a White Leghorn and Barred Rock.  In illustrations of the breed they look white with black polka dots.  Shelly has ONE polka dot!  She was our first hen to go broody, and was a wonderful Mama hen!  She lays HUGE white eggs, and is very, very sweet.


Rooth – so named because she was accused by a neighbor of being a rooster because of the size of her comb.  She is a California White, and lays very large white eggs every single day.  She is less interested in human interaction than her sister, Shelly.  In her younger days she was our “escapist” – she would fly out of the chicken run, forage in the yard (and garden!), then fly back in to lay her egg, then fly back out again!  She’s a goof!


BB – our first Cuckoo Maran.  She lays the most beautiful deep dark brown egg with darker brown spots.  Honestly – whenever I have to make chocolate chip cookies, I save up her eggs – they are the richest, most amazing eggs and make anything baked with them ten times better.  BB is sweet, happy to be petted, and is a very consistent layer.


Crayon – our first Ameracauna.  She showed up on our doorstep in the middle of a deep freeze in December 2008.  She lays a nearly pink shaded light brown egg.  She is a delightful hen.


One of the four Blue Andalusians.  These girls are a bit flighty – definitely wary of human interaction, and most decidedly happiest when just let alone to do their own thing.  They are the leaders of the Rebel Girls who sleep each night at the tippy top of the willow in warmer weather.  They are very good layers, laying a large white egg nearly every day.


This is one of the four Delawares.  None of them have names.  Why?  Well – they’re pretty impossible to tell apart!  No real distinct behaviors or personalities with these girls.  They are personable enough, and are very good, consistent layers of large brown eggs.  She and her sisters were in our April 2009 chicks.


Blackie – our lone Black Minorca.  Isn’t she beautiful?!  She’s from our April 2009 chicks, and is so black she’s got a green sheen to her feathers – you can just barely see it here.  She’s a little timid, a bit flighty, but such a nice bird.  She lays a large white egg every day.  I would gladly add more of her breed to the flock any day!


Buffy is our lone Buff Minorca.  She is so pretty!  Buffy lays a large white egg, nearly every day.  She is a bit shy, is willing to be pet occasionally, and is an excellent forager.  Buffy is one of the April 2009 chicks.  We would certainly love to add more of her breed to the flock, should the occasion ever present itself!


One of the 2009 Ameracaunas, and one of my green egg layers!  There are three that lay green eggs.  They are sweet girls, but they are sneaky – they like to lay eggs in places that are :ahem: – shall we say a bit unconventional?!


Scarlet – I think she’s a Copper Cuckoo Maran and from our April 2009 chicks.  She’s loud, she’s a little cranky, and she wants to be broody more often than not.  But she’s hilarious.  She’s our girl who got the top part of her beak broken off as just a teeny little chick – but it hasn’t slowed her down one bit.  She’s super inquisitive, and happy to be petted.


This is Millie 2…  I think!  She looks so much like Millie 1 (above) that I sometimes get confused!  She’s a Rhode Island Red, is incredibly personable, and is a fabulous addition to the flock.  She came to us this winter with three of her sisters, and they’ve fit in with the flock seamlessly.  Millie 2 and her sisters lay a large brown egg daily.


Annabelle or Hildy?


Hildy?  Or Annabelle?  I have the hardest time telling these two apart!  Whichever one she is – they are Silver Laced Wyandottes – and really lovely, aren’t they?  These girls were rehomed to us this winter, and they have been a wonderful addition to the flock.  They lay large brown eggs.


Blondie is a Buff Orpington.  She has been with us for just a week now and we’re loving her.  She’s such a sweetheart, though a little shy.  She is definitely a talker!  She wants the world to know when she’s laid an egg, and oftentimes will laud the accomplishments of other layers!  She lays a large brown egg, and is a very consistent layer.

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