Hours until take-off!

The garden at the Royal Palace (above).

The side view of the Royal Palace (below). The Palace has 2800 rooms. If you’re ever in Madrid – DO THE TOUR! It’s impossible to do it justice with mere words. Breathtaking can only be used so many times as a descriptor!

It’s after midnight here in Madrid… in the past two days I’ve walked miles through old Madrid and environs, taken a bus tour of Madrid, been to the Prado, been to an *amazing* flamenco show, been to the Royal Palace (no tour of which would ever be complete without a turn through the royal armory – wow!). But you know what? None of it compares to: HOME.

The Prado (above) – the largest art mueseum in the world. They have more in storage than some of the larger museums in the world have in their entire collections! There is something truly, beyond description – to stand within arms’ length of a painting that was painted in the year 1420 and be able to clearly discern the artist’s brush strokes on the canvas.

But I can’t wait until I’m home! I miss my husband! I miss my children! I miss my animals! I miss my garden!

What a blessed woman I am to have such a wonderful family and home to return to. God is so faithful and kind.