Just when I’m beginning to despair…

…that Spring will never truly arrive… That it will be dreary and rainy and blustery – forever. Then, God brings about little glimpses of not only Spring, but the hope of even – sigh – Summer. Yes, that tiny little red dot is a teensy tiny little lady bug – sans dots! How cool is that?

Look! There will be hydrangeas, eventually. Hooray!

And beautiful, fresh, so sweet they could make you sing – peas.
And there will be, of course, scads of tomatoes – which is only right.

Okay – so for all of you chicken moms out there – take a peek at these two chicks below – the white is a California White, the other a Dominique. Do they look like roosters to you??? Cause they do to me! I know – they’re only 4-ish weeks old, but I’m starting to think they are. There are nodules where spurs are starting to bud out, they’re becoming more and more aggressive… One lady on a local chicken email group says she doesn’t call it until they either crow or lay an egg… Is it possible to know this soon?

Oh – can’t forget this beautiful flower. I threw out some flower seed last summer – it was a mixture and to be perfectly honest I have no recollection of what was in it. I have no idea what this flower is – other than lovely!

And, just to assure my life is never boring…. saw the orthopedic specialist today (one in a long line of them since October, I might add) and do you know what he had the nerve to do? See for yourself:
FOR A MONTH! I only get to take it off when I shower. Stink. Good thing I have the Costco supply of 10 gallon trash bags – I have a feeling I’m going to be going through a lot of them cause the boot has to be covered up whenever I go out into the yard.
So, I won’t despair. Summer is coming. God is faithful. Even when I have to wear an immobilizer!

Construction and Little Peep Update

Finally I have the chicken yard framed! With transporting teenagers hither and yon, septic tank issues, etc. it has taken much longer than I planned. I thought I would have it finished by now.

This is “Mr. Darcy” He is our Dominique rooster. We also have a California White that appears to be a rooster as well, but we haven’t named him yet. He might not be a permanent resident.

This is “Shelley” She’s sporting the latest in bent comb fashion.

This is “Ducky”. She’s the “extra” chicken we were given. The man at the farm supply thought she might be a Maran, instead of a Dominique. We think this may be the case as her markings are different as she matures and she has “black-ish” feet. For more info on Marans – check out the following website: http://www.mypetchicken.com/Maran-B71.aspx

Just the chicks hanging out.

Scary Space Alien Chicken that dropped by. Actually it is a clay creation of our 11-year old son.

Little Bit must go!

Why the other chicks got totally feminine names and Little Bit didn’t is a mystery. It just seemed like Little Bit was the most appropriate name for *ahem* “her.” Seems, however that Little Bit is very much NOT a her at all, but a HE! I’ve thought long and hard about breeds and the like, and knew that sexing chicks is a BIG deal – with about a 90 to 95% success rate. I’ve heard from quite a few folks lately who ended up with 2 cockerels out of their five chicks, or 1 out of 3, or the like. I guess our odds aren’t that bad – one out of four.

[You can see in this picture that his comb is becoming much more pronounced, and he’s developed wattles, as well.]
At first I thought I might keep him. But the more I’ve read and learned and observed, the more convinced that I don’t want a Rhode Island Red rooster. If I ended up with a Dominique or California White rooster, I’d be okay with it. But not a RIR.
So Little bit must go!

I’ve found a very nice lady via Craigslist who has 15 RIR girls looking for a beau. Little Bit will be in Rooster heaven! He will be re-homed on Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime I’ve actually quarentined him. He’s gotten QUITE unruly and aggressive. He keeps the girls in a dither whenever he’s around them, and I’m tired of it! His spurs have begun to show and I can only imagine what it will be like when they’re available to him.

I was sad at first at the thought of having to say goodbye to him. The longer he’s around and the more developed his male personality becomes – the less sad I am! I am absolutely ASTOUNDED at how rapidly he’s gone from being seemingly asexual (which of course he wasn’t, it was just very difficult to discern the difference) to VERY male. He’s quite a cranky boy!

Honestly, I think all of us (the girls included!) will breathe a sigh of relief when he’s gone.