There are a couple of really well – I’ll just say it – brilliant ladies that go to our church. They’ve taken some initiative and put together a really great idea! It’s called YarnFest. Here’s the low down:

Join us for two evenings of connecting, creating, and exploring ideas around friendship, yarn, and reaching beyond ourselves.

Come meet some new friends

Come and learn to knit

Come to hear ideas about reaching out to the homeless in our community

Come to explore what God may want to do in and through you

Everyone is welcome… young people, both men and women – who have taken up knitting as a new hobby or might like to, those with young families who would love to be able to finish a project but find no time or not enough skills, older folks who love to knit and would love to teach others…

Long story short – some knitting pals and I get to be a part of this great idea! We’ve decided to start out by making a very simple knit hat. It will be able to be finished in the course of the two evenings that we meet, and then it can be donated to a ministry that gifts those in need in our community with just this sort of stuff. Cool, huh?!

If you read this blog and live in the Portland area or thereabouts and want to join us – email me or post a comment and I’ll give you directions to where we’re meeting! All are welcome to join in!