The Best Egg Salad Ever!

I'm a RenegadeWhen I was just a kid my Mom used to make amazing egg salad sandwiches. It seriously floated my boat – not so much for my three siblings, however. For ages it seemed like an impossible thing to perfect. I’d kind of peeked over my Mom’s shoulder trying to figure out what the trick was to making it better than average. Finally, one day she said – “It’s the extra egg yolks.” I hadn’t asked – I’d just been snooping – but being Mom – well, she knew!

Now that I’m older with a more defined idea of what I know I like and what I don’t – I’ve made a few what I’ll call “refinements.” The first being – the eggs need to be finely shredded. Not roughly chopped, not coarsely grated – nope! F-I-N-E-L-Y S-H-R-E-D-D-E-D. Not with your food processor. You gotta break out the box grated for this one folks. If you don’t have a box grater – get up right this minute, head straight for the store and buy one – a good one! It’s a MUST have! Next – green onions. They gotta be in there. They gotta be very thinly sliced. They gotta be fresh. Fresh in from the garden is – OF COURSE – best. And I really feel that lots of celery is a must – and it’s important that it be finely diced. And finally – the mayo. Yes, of course, you could just throw in the GMO, preservative-laden, chemically tasting store-bought stuff. It would work. But – well, I dare you – give the home made mayo a go – see what you think. I think you’ll like it.

If I were to be really a stickler I’d tell you to go get your own chickens to lay you some fresh eggs every day so that having this yummy kind of stuff around all of the time is a no-brainer. But I’ll cut you a little slack today, okay?

The Best Egg Salad Ever!

8 Eggs, hard boiled and peeled
1/3 cup Dill pickle relish
3 Green onions, sliced thinly
4 stalks Celery, diced finely
3/4 cup Mayonnaise (home made is best!)
  Kosher Salt
  Fresh ground black pepper



  1. Using the finest grating blade on your box grater, grate 6 of the hard boiled eggs. With the remaining two eggs, separate the white from the yolk, and grate in just the yolks. (I give my chickens the excess hardboiled egg whites – they love it!)
  2. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine the dill pickle relish, green onions, celery and about half of the mayonnaise with the finely grated hardboiled egg. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Add additional mayonnaise as needed until desired consistency is reached.
  4. Season with just a dash of kosher salt and a small amount of fresh ground black pepper.
  5. Chill and serve!


RE: Hard Boiled Eggs

Have you figured out yet that hard boiling fresh eggs is a total pain in the neck? I keep a flat of eggs in the fridge that I let get a little bit older just for hard boiling. Also, throwing the salt in the water when you boil the eggs will help with peeling, as well. I find that the fresh home grown eggs also cook a bit faster, so I thought I’d give a quick rundown on how I cook them. Get a pan big enough for your eggs. Put cold water in – enough so that your eggs are completely covered. Throw some salt in that water – sorry, I don’t measure, I just throw some in. I’ll also add that my favorite salt for salted cooking water is the coarse crystal sea salt – it’s just better. Now, bring your eggs to a full boil. When they are at a full boil turn the heat off and cover them with the lid to the pot. Turn the timer on for 10 minutes. Don’t wander away. Don’t get involved in stuff that will get you distracted. Stay close enough to hear the timer. When the timer goes off, drain the water off of the eggs. I bounce the eggs in the pan a bit so that they’ll crack some. Then I cover them in ice and let them sit until the ice is mostly melted. It takes about 10 minutes. NOW they peel like a dream! Ta da!

RE: Home Made Mayonnaise. You can find an easy, straight-forward recipe to make your own mayonnaise here. Warning: You may never go back to the store-bought type!

To ‘poo or not to ‘poo…

A little over six months ago I happened upon a blog entry by Laura over on Not So Urban Hennery. (You can see the post here: )

Her topic that day was shampoo, or the choice to not shampoo, or alternatives to the generally accepted methods to shampoo. Yep, the stuff you wash your hair with. If you read Melinda at One Green Generation at all, then you may be familiar with her “no ‘poo” approach.

Why, on earth, you may wonder, would one avoid just running down the road to the store and picking up a bottle of shampoo? Well…. There are reason. Lots of reasons. Here are some of mine:

  1. I’m allergic to SO MUCH! Fragrances, dyes, additives, etc.
  2. I’m concerned about sodium laurel sulfate – there’s a big family history of skin cancer, and well, I want to be nice to my skin!
  3. My hair is VERY straight and VERY fine. Making it very difficult to comb, brush, style, pretty much anything. So I’ve been using some very expensive (salon and organic) hair products – and of course if there’s any hope of getting a comb through my hair – it’s not just shampoo, conditioner is a must, too! That’s NOT cheap! I’m tired of not cheap.
  4. I just keep wondering – what did they do 100 years ago?

So, when I saw Laura’s post about the J.R. Liggett’s Old Fashioned Shampoo bar shampoo she was trying out, I thought, “You know, I think I should try that out!” In fact, John and I got on and looked it up. We found it – found a good deal on a variety pack, and ordered.

I bought three varieties. The Original formula, the Tea Tree & Hemp Oil formula, and the Damaged Hair formula (’cause I’ve got wimpy hair!). I started out with the damaged hair formula.

Okay – so I alluded to this a little earlier on – but I have VERY straight hair. In fact, I have VERY fine hair. Like baby fine. It’s maddening. It’s very difficult to deal with, and if it’s got any length at all – it’s one big huge mass of knots by the end of the day. (When John and I met my hair was very long – like past my butt! I have nightmarish memories of brushing that mess out!) One of my earliest memories is crying as my Mom tried to work the knots out of my hair with a bottle of “No more Tears” at hand!

In the past, I’ve shampooed daily – and honestly, I can admit it, I don’t see that ever changing. I’m a serious pansy if my hair isn’t clean. Shampooing has meant shampooing and rinsing, of course, but then copious amounts of conditioner applied and allowed to soak in so that there’s some hope of being able to comb and style my hair once I’m out of the shower!

Since my order of J.R. Liggett’s arrived my hair care routine has changed dramatically. Shampooing – rather than with a dollop of liquid to be massaged into your hair – is with a moisted bar of shampoo that you run over your wetted hair just a couple of passes – and then you massage – it has great suds. Seriously – it takes almost no product! (Bars of shampoo last at least a couple of months around here – and there are three of us using them!) Then, equally amazingly – rather than taking a good five minutes to be able to feel like the product has rinsed out of my hair – this stuff rinses out nearly immediately. I love that!

But – get this! – no more conditioner. I am so serious – I haven’t used it since the order arrived in January. My hair stylist has remarked how healthy my hair is since the change, as well. Not only that – I can comb my hair, brush my hair, style my hair – with ease.

How wild is that?

I’m completely serious when I say I love this shampoo. I will not change back – ever!

Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides

If you haven’t ever seen this – it’s a must read! It’s the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides and it lays out very clearly how likely it is the fruits and vegetables you purchase will expose you to – in some cases – multiple pesticides in just one bite!

There’s even a printable list with the highlights of the list that you can pop into your wallet or purse so you can buy knowledgeably:

Here’s the link:

Be sure to check out the different tabs across the top of the header on the page – it will show you various different tidbits of info.

I’m totally bummed about peaches! Dang – I think we’re gonna have to plant a peach tree!

Bad Eating Habits Can Alter DNA

Bad Eating Habits Can Alter DNA

Monday, January 19, 2009 9:13 AM

Human genes remember a sugar hit for two weeks, with prolonged poor eating habits capable of permanently altering DNA, Australian research has found.

A team studying the impact of diet on human heart tissue and mice found that cells showed the effects of a one-off sugar hit for a fortnight, by switching off genetic controls designed to protect the body against diabetes and heart disease.

“We now know that chocolate bar you had this morning can have very acute effects, and those effects can continue for up to two weeks,” said lead researcher Sam El-Osta, from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

“These changes continue beyond the meal itself and have the ability to alter natural metabolic responses to diet,” he told Australian Associated Press Friday.

Regular poor eating would amplify the effect, said El-Osta, with genetic damage lasting months or years, and potentially passing through bloodlines.

The study’s findings were reported in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Copyright AFP

I’m really not an alarmist… I think….

But PLEASE – can this be for real? See this article on Frankenfood – it really is alarming!

If that link doesn’t work, check out – it’s a really interesting web site!

Also, there’s a really good post at the Back Forty that is a must read – an important update regarding NAIS.

Okay – deep breath. We really can make a difference if we will only just do something, you know?!

This is kinda wild!

I got this article via an email – oh, months ago. I had a big, bad, horrible computer crash this week, and in the process of digging out and restoring my backup – I’ve run across all sorts of interesting stuff. This article included.

So whatcha think about this kind of stuff?

Wild, huh?!

Interesting Web Site

This in from my friend Audrey…

This is a really great website I found. Just thought I would share. You can enter any cosmetic product or ingredient and it will tell you how hazardous it is on a scale of 1-10 and tells you why it is hazardous as well. I need to throw a bunch of stuff out! You can also search to find a list products that are non hazardous.

Thanks Audrey!