Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve been missing my Dad.

My aunt (left) and Dad (right). Probably near Jackson, MS around 1943/44.

He was a really “real” guy. He was all about telling the truth, being a man of integrity, a man of his word, and loving unconditionally.

Man, he loved my Mom.

Man, he loved us kids.

He was not a mover and a shaker, so much. But he moved people by his love and generosity. And he wasn’t above getting on the floor and playing with a bunch of kids – even if that meant getting dirty, or laughing his full-bellied laugh along with a child.

I don’t think he ever forgot how to see things from the eyes of a child.

And that, my friends, is part of what made him such a great Dad.

You know what? He died February 1, 1994 – and I still find myself stopping and thinking, “I should call Dad and tell him such and such…” I forget that he’s gone. He’s so not forgotten.

The boys both have a LOT of James A. Courtney in them. It’s hilarious, really – being that Jonathan was just a baby when Dad died, and William was born three years after Dad died. They both look like him, too – in their own ways.

As the boys get older – it kinda of blows me away how I see more of Dad’s personality coming out in them. How can that be?

Isn’t God wonderful to continue those precious things in these grandsons of my Dad’s?

My Aunt and Dad – early 1960’s-something in Beaverton, OR.

When the world seems to be such a dark place – with so much to be sad or worry about – I take great delight in remembering Dad and the great times I shared with him. I know he’d be proud of these boys – who are quickly growing into young men. He would be so proud of Jess – the grandbaby he’d hoped and prayed to one day have – who would share his birthday. He would take great delight in her academic achievements, her plans for college in the fall, her integrity, and commitment to the things of God.

…and he was so happy to give my hand to John McBride in marriage.

He actually told John when we got engaged that he would require a dowry of 19 horses for his first born girl. John – being the great guy that he is – promptly went to the toy store, purchased a deluxe set of 20 miniature horses and FedEx’ed them to Dad – explaining that 20 seemed more appropriate! Dad laughed out loud when he got them, and gave his hearty blessing.

What a blessed woman I am to have had the rich investment of some truly amazing men in my life.

What a blessed woman I am to have the great honor and privilege of being married to John.

What a blessed woman I am to have the best seat available to watch as my husband fathers the children God has entrusted to us.

John, holding William – July 1997, the Oregon Coast.

Happy Father’s Day to you all.

May it be a day when you will take the opportunity to express freely the love, admiration, pride, and honor you feel for the faithful Dads in your life.