Why Known By Name?

Do you have an unusual name?  I do.  It’s Dina.  Guess how to pronounce it.  I dare you.

Is it “dihnah”?  (Think Dinah Shore for those of us who are old enough to remember her!)

Or is it “deena”?  (As in Dina Merrill, the actress – again, for those of us who are old enough to remember!)

Or is it code for “diana”?

Or “denna”?

All the way through my public school education (grades 1 through 12) I didn’t ONCE have a teacher pronounce my first name correctly on the first day of school.  Believe me, I’ve heard pretty much every possible interpretation on my name!

It’s pronounced DEENA – and yes, spelled Dina.  My Mom met the actress Dina Merrill when she was pregnant with me and hoped I might one day have some of the grace the actress did.  Oh well, it was a nice thought!  I am one of the klutziest people I know.

But here’s the thing – in all of the confusion of trying to figure out your name – whether it’s a little bit wierd or different, or so routine it sometimes seems mundane – there’s One know knows you by name.  Intimately.  Perfectly.  Without reserve.

That makes my heart happy.

I’ll be honest with you.  I’ve got a pretty complex life.  There are days when I feel like juggling all of the pieces is a little more than I can handle.  That’s where the One who knows me by name comes in.  He never fails to give the strength to take the next breath.  He never fails to provide just what is needed – often before I know to ask.  He never fails to meet me with open arms.  He never has a faltering look like He’s trying to figure out who the heck I am anyway.  And He chooses to love me even though I have nothing to offer in return except my very real, very desperate need.

So – here’s my new blog.  I’m hoping to consolidate some other blogs I have in one place – we’ll see if it works.  If not, it’ll just be yet another blog on my desktop!  🙂  My hope is to bring some coherence.  Here’s hoping!

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