What is that Smell?!

What do you do at 10:50 pm the night before you have to be up at 4:15 am the next morning to get ready for work?

You take the cucumbers, onions, and peppers that you sliced up a little while ago….

…and then you…..

Boil up some brine….

Shortly thereafter at least one person in the house will say, “What is that SMELL?!”

I can admit it – it is pretty potent!

And then you put ’em all together and….


Beautiful bread and butter pickles.


Night night!

1 thought on “What is that Smell?!

  1. I was up last night cooking too! Often, when I get home from work, whatever the hubby made for dinner is eaten to the point of no more. Besides, I prefer to eat lower carb, higher fiber-ered foods while outside from home. So between the hours of 10-12AM I’m up cooking. Last night was another curry lentil stew.

    It always wakes up whoever’s gone to sleep, especially the Man, who always eats again.

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