This is the day…


This is the day that the

Lord has made

I will rejoice and

be glad in it!

Ps 118:24

I was born at 11:59 am on December 31, 1963.

47 years ago.

Dang, time flies.

I’m gonna be honest here – 2010 will not ring in as one of my all time fave years. I would not choose to go through a lot of the stuff that I went through this year – given the choice.

But here I am – by the grace of God. (If you were around during this past year – you know that there was more than one occasion that there was no given that I would, indeed, be here!)

Do you ever stop and think about that? The grace of God?

This year – if nothing else – has taught me to do just that.

And so – for that reason – I will thank God for it.

Today I choose to say: “Lord, this day is yours – as am I.”

I want that to be my goal for each day of the coming year.

Thank You God, for seeing me through.

Thank You for the year that is to come.

May You – my God and my King – be glorified.

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