The Cost of Eggs

Yeah, yeah, I know.

It’s kind of mundane, but well – I need some input.

Honestly – I greatly value your input!

We find ourselves in that point of chicken ownership where we’ve carefully (well, most of the time) recorded things like the cost of feed, equipment, and care of our flock and balanced it with the number of eggs produced (4,722 so far – and December isn’t quite over yet!) and the number of eggs sold.

Long story short – with the rising cost of corn and feed – we’re having to decide whether just squeaking by on what we make from egg sales (we’re coming out at $35 just shy of breaking even) or whether we actually do cover all of the costs from what the girls earn.

Right now, we charge $3.00 for a dozen eggs.

If you buy eggs from us that means that the eggs you get are typically somewhere in the minutes to 48 hours old age. (More than one of you have remarked about the fact that you’ve never felt a egg just laid and are surprised at just how warm they are! :))

I.e., FRESH. Really, really fresh.

NOT what you get from the grocery store.

Not only are they fresh – you might even get to meet the hen who laid your egg! You decidedly get to see the girls as you drive in. Some of you have favorites – Mollie loves the green eggs and is disappointed when there are none in her dozen. Several of us (myself included) adore BB’s deep brown, nearly glowing, large eggs that help produce the very best chocolate chip cookies known to man!

If you go to the local organic type grocery store the closest thing you can get to what we offer rings in between $3.50 and $4.50 a dozen.

At the local farm stands you’ll pay between $5.00 and $7.00 a dozen.

(Okay – this is completely ridiculous, but I know of an organic chicken farmer in California who charges $8.50 a dozen for his eggs! Excuse me while I faint!)

I won’t lie. I like having the price at $3.00. It seems reasonable. It’s handy and doesn’t involve making change with quarters. It seems fair.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite cutting it when it all comes out of the wash.

So – we want to know – what do YOU consider a fair price for fresh – really fresh – eggs? Will you respond to the poll for us?

And if you’re willing to help us out a little further – one more question: What are your favorite eggs?

And if you have any other input – we’d greatly appreciate that, as well – so please leave a comment to this post.

And just so you know – should you happen to buy your eggs from us – we won’t be making a price change immediately – we’ll give you some notice. Okay?

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “The Cost of Eggs

  1. 1) People who love buying wonderful eggs as you offer would so much prefer to pay a small amount more – $1 a dozen – then see you not be able to continue to offer your eggs at all.
    2) Encourage your most loyal shoppers by offering a free dozen for every 6 they buy – in the end those “best customers” will only be paying about 40 cents more person dozen – so you may only get an increace averaging 60 cents or so but it gives the bext price to your best customers.

    Good luck!

  2. You wouldn’t by chance have an opening for next late fall/winter? Our girls cover us during the periods of longer days, but get the winter off. Would love to have a super fresh, local substitute during their dark days holiday.

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