This is the day…


This is the day that the

Lord has made

I will rejoice and

be glad in it!

Ps 118:24

I was born at 11:59 am on December 31, 1963.

47 years ago.

Dang, time flies.

I’m gonna be honest here – 2010 will not ring in as one of my all time fave years. I would not choose to go through a lot of the stuff that I went through this year – given the choice.

But here I am – by the grace of God. (If you were around during this past year – you know that there was more than one occasion that there was no given that I would, indeed, be here!)

Do you ever stop and think about that? The grace of God?

This year – if nothing else – has taught me to do just that.

And so – for that reason – I will thank God for it.

Today I choose to say: “Lord, this day is yours – as am I.”

I want that to be my goal for each day of the coming year.

Thank You God, for seeing me through.

Thank You for the year that is to come.

May You – my God and my King – be glorified.

The Cost of Eggs

Yeah, yeah, I know.

It’s kind of mundane, but well – I need some input.

Honestly – I greatly value your input!

We find ourselves in that point of chicken ownership where we’ve carefully (well, most of the time) recorded things like the cost of feed, equipment, and care of our flock and balanced it with the number of eggs produced (4,722 so far – and December isn’t quite over yet!) and the number of eggs sold.

Long story short – with the rising cost of corn and feed – we’re having to decide whether just squeaking by on what we make from egg sales (we’re coming out at $35 just shy of breaking even) or whether we actually do cover all of the costs from what the girls earn.

Right now, we charge $3.00 for a dozen eggs.

If you buy eggs from us that means that the eggs you get are typically somewhere in the minutes to 48 hours old age. (More than one of you have remarked about the fact that you’ve never felt a egg just laid and are surprised at just how warm they are! :))

I.e., FRESH. Really, really fresh.

NOT what you get from the grocery store.

Not only are they fresh – you might even get to meet the hen who laid your egg! You decidedly get to see the girls as you drive in. Some of you have favorites – Mollie loves the green eggs and is disappointed when there are none in her dozen. Several of us (myself included) adore BB’s deep brown, nearly glowing, large eggs that help produce the very best chocolate chip cookies known to man!

If you go to the local organic type grocery store the closest thing you can get to what we offer rings in between $3.50 and $4.50 a dozen.

At the local farm stands you’ll pay between $5.00 and $7.00 a dozen.

(Okay – this is completely ridiculous, but I know of an organic chicken farmer in California who charges $8.50 a dozen for his eggs! Excuse me while I faint!)

I won’t lie. I like having the price at $3.00. It seems reasonable. It’s handy and doesn’t involve making change with quarters. It seems fair.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite cutting it when it all comes out of the wash.

So – we want to know – what do YOU consider a fair price for fresh – really fresh – eggs? Will you respond to the poll for us?

And if you’re willing to help us out a little further – one more question: What are your favorite eggs?

And if you have any other input – we’d greatly appreciate that, as well – so please leave a comment to this post.

And just so you know – should you happen to buy your eggs from us – we won’t be making a price change immediately – we’ll give you some notice. Okay?

Thank you!

So much to get done!

So many places to go!

Things to bake…

Gifts to wrap…

Kitchens to clean…

A veritable whirlwind of everything but what it’s all about…

Funny how easy it is for me to get distracted.

To feel that the truly unimportant is what should order my day… my thoughts…

Come Immanuel – God with us – and still this heart.

Teach this distractible heart to recognize your quiet whisper.

Help me to never forget WHO should always be my motivation – in all I do – no matter the season.

We need a little grace.

I can admit it – I read what some might term “fluff.”

Okay -sometimes I opt for the really deep stuff. Typically, however, when there’s no big stressor going on in my life – or, when God kinda hits me upside the head with something I simply MUST read.

But most of the time – I opt for something that will make me laugh, smile, maybe cry a little – and always will urge me to walk closer with my Savior.

Sue me.

I know – it’s “in” to be a super deep thinker.

I’m all for it.

But – dang it all – I need to read something that doesn’t ADD stress to my life, okay?

In 2007 – right knee deep in Mom’s illness – when I was more or less house-bound with my sweet Mommy, I needed something to read in my few moments of quiet – snatched, as they were, as rare gifts.

I must have been searching online when I came across an author I was unfamiliar with. Her name is Susan May Warren.

We’re BFF’s now – Susan and I.

Ahem – right. Not. But hey – I’ve read a whole lot of her stuff now, and I pretty much have NEVER come away from reading one of her books without feeling gratitude for having invested my time there.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a book and regretting the time spent.

Hence, my love of Mrs. Warren’s work!

Was at the library the other day and stumbled across a title that I’d somehow missed previously, and checked it out – without a clue as to what I’d find. (And amazingly – the first in a series! Woo Hoo!)

(If you click the picture of the book cover, it’ll take you to the author’s web site – and a chance to read the first chapter!)

And I don’t want to give the book away or anything, but the thing that God brought over and over again in this book were the themes of forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

How I need them.

How others need them.

How I don’t deserve them – but then, who does?

Yet He gives all three without expiration date, limit, or our need to merit it.

Okay – so maybe it’s not fluff, after all.

Reading this book this week was more like a big long drink of much needed water after a hike through a stretch of wilderness.



A refresher.

And not to offer a spoiler or anything, but here’s a little something that I’ve gone back and re-read several times since I finished the book.

Grace. Accountability and forgiveness in one shot… God’s perfect plan, worked out through the sacrifice and love of His Son. For what purpose? To show God’s love to the world. To draw men to Himself, so they could worship Him, enjoy Him, delight in Him, so He might shower them with His unfathomable love. A love that brought the dead to life, that gave children to the barren, that reunited man with his Creator, and that resurrected hope and fulfilled dreams.

God was so worthy of her delight. Suddenly the verse… spoken to her the night she’d sat crumbling … rushed through her mind. “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

The first step in delighting in God was delighting in His forgiveness – something … she’d never, not even once, allowed herself to do. Why not? Because she didn’t deserve to delight in a forgiveness that was easy. Somehow, she couldn’t get past the idea that forgiveness had to be earned, had to be painful.

But hadn’t she been forgiven because of Christ’s payment for her sins? And that gift had certainly been painful for her Savior. To not delight in His forgiveness was to betray Jesus’ excruciating sacrifice for her salvation. No wonder she felt so bereft. Not delighting in God’s forgiveness was like opening up a priceless gift, setting it aside, and demanding to pay for it. It cheapened the gift and offended the giver. What she should be doing is throwing herself into the arms of her Savior.


It goes on – but you really just need to get the book and read it for yourself.

Nothing like this little reminder – right in the midst of this season when the focus is on everything but the heart of what it’s all supposed to be about.

Just what I needed!