One of these things…

…is NOT like the others!



That’s a BIG egg!

It’s just awkward…

You’re on the freeway, you take an exit, and oh…

There’s a panhandler at the exit.

Just waiting to make eye contact with you.

Hoping you’ll roll down your window and hand some cash over.

What do you do?

How do you feel?

It’s awkward.

I feel conflicted.

I wish I could help! But we can just barely make it ourselves.

And if I could hand some cash over – is it the right thing to do?

Do you ever wish you just had a really practical, real-life way to do something?!

I do.

Enter my friend Linda – she’s pretty cool. (I’m always awed how God brings the most amazing people into my world to bless my heart – Linda is one of those that I definitely think immediately when I see her smiling face: BIG HUGE AMAZING BLESSING, THAT GIRL!)

Saw Linda this weekend. A mutual friend said, “Oh good! I have some things for you!” And said mutual friend handed a gallon sized zip lock full of all sorts of travel sized toiletries over to Linda.

Being the nosy girl that I am, I said, “What’s that for?” (Gosh, I AM nosy, aren’t I?)

Linda smiled and said, “Well, I have this friend who told me that she was really heartbroken over how many panhandlers she encounters when she’s out and about, and so she decided to put together little care packages to hand out when she encounters someone. So I thought, ‘I can do that’ and started doing the same. I put a few toiletries, maybe a few dollars, and keep them in my car. Then, when I encounter a panhandler, I’m prepared!”


And so my friends – what do you think of that?

I think it’s something I could do. Gosh – I’ve got tons of travel sized toiletries hanging out around here. I could put some things together in little quart sized ziplocks, maybe throw in a buck or two out of my change jar. I could keep those in the car.

I’m inspired!

How about you?

Got any plans to step out of your comfort zone?