Green Bean Eater!

Wanna know why we got almost NONE of the THREE huge plantings of green beans we planted this year?

She’s a triplet.

I get it.

Hungry kids.

Honestly – our boys are probably rejoicing that there were virtually no green beans this year.

Certainly not enough to can.

I have a sneaking suspicion they’ve given the fawns the insider scoop on how to get to the green beans!

This little one has a particular fondness for the pears that have fallen.

She stuck around long enough and was loving the pears and the clover enough to let me get quite close.

I hope when she’s a Mommy she doesn’t bring her kids here to eat!

2 thoughts on “Green Bean Eater!

  1. I have a couple friends with deer “problems” (consuming all the deliciousness). They use fishing wire tied around posts in order to block them from poking their heads around their garden! They said because they can’t see it, but feel it, it weirds them out enough to leave it alone.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Alicia! I love insider tips! Especially those that have been effective! 🙂

      I also heard that there are some plantings that will repel deer. I’m gonna give it a go, too. I have a feeling – given the very healthy deer population, I’ll need to employ MULTIPLE strategies of defense! LOL!

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