Ingredient Spotlight: Canned Tomatoes

Tiffany, over at Eat at Home, is once again doing her Ingredient Spotlight blog hop. This week? It’s canned tomatoes.

Ideally, I wish every year were like this:

Years when my pantry has row upon row of home canned tomatoes.

Yeah, that was 2008 – decidedly NOT the garden of 2010!

And – because there are years with garden’s like this year’s, store-bought canned tomatoes are a life saver!

As I was going over my posted recipes I realized how few of my recipes that have this wonderful ingredient featured are even posted! (Bad me!) Honestly – I use canned tomatoes a ton! I’m going to have to get my act together and get them typed up and posted!

In lieu of that, here are recipes that use canned tomatoes that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Dina’s World Famous Lasagna
John & Dina’s Chili con Carne
Skillet Lasagna
Dina’s Italian Wedding Soup
Taco Soup – okay, this one doesn’t SAY canned tomatoes, but the truth of the matter is that I always throw them in!

Honestly – if there aren’t at least a dozen cans of diced tomatoes on the shelf in the pantry, I get a little worried! They’re indispensible! They are one of the best ways possible to deglaze a pan, leaving an amazing melding of flavors in their wake!


2 thoughts on “Ingredient Spotlight: Canned Tomatoes

  1. Hey Dina,

    I found your blog on OH – I am also having the DS done sometime next month. I really love your blog! Its so nice to find someone who is also a committed christian and having to go through the whole WLS thing. The OH boards can get a bit… vitriolic at times.

    I’m a missionary kid, grew up overseas, and still living overseas. My father has a church in Jerusalem (pretty cool!)

    Thank you for such an open, honest blog. I have read quite a bit of it and I think I like you already!


    • Shira! Girlfriend! GREAT to meet you! Amen on the OH boards. Gotta love ’em – but sometimes – OUCH!

      It sounds like your life has been *wild* and amazing! Oh – I want to go to Jerusalem! I’ve been reading 2nd Samuel lately – I’m in Precepts – and been thinking a lot about Jerusalem. I’m guessing your life story is really fascinating.

      I hope you’ll email me if you have any questions or concerns about your DS. My email address is and if you want – email me and I’ll give you my cell phone number, too. I’ve got a bunch of newbie stuff over on my DS blog – let me know if you need help finding it, okay? Oh – and who is your surgeon?



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