Tiffany at Eat at Home is hosting her Ingredient Spotlight once again. She’s so smart! What a great idea.

Today’s ingredient (as if you couldn’t guess): Eggs!

If you know me at all, you know I love eggs.

I mean – hello! – I’m the girl with a yard full of backyard little egg-laying wonders!

I am so all about how completely incredible and superb fresh eggs are awesome for you! (Did you know that they are the perfect protein delivery when fully cooked? Really! It’s true!)

Well – not only that – they taste amazing, too.

So – I’ll follow Tiffany’s example and give you a few of my favorite egg-centric recipes to peruse:

Aioli – a post about this recipe here.
The Best Egg Salad Ever – a post regarding this recipe here.
Lemon Bar Cookies
The Perfect Omelette Every Time
Tortilla de Patata – a post featuring this recipe here.
Yellow Angel Food Cake – and a post about the recipe here.


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