What’s Your Plan? Week 8

It’s that time again – time to share what we’ve got planned for our menu for the coming week…

Here’s the plan: Every Saturday (okay, and occasionally it won’t happen until Sunday!), I’m going to publish our menu for the week here – on this blog – as a means of accountability. I’ll try to give links to recipes whenever possible. I’ll share links to resources as I come across them. And if you want to join in – and please do! – leave a comment in the comments section here telling us what YOU are planning for your dinner menus for the week. Maybe if we all join in – we’ll get inspired to try something new and different – or just maybe forgotten for a while!

Life is a little nutty. I’ve got this project going on. You can read about it here. What it means is that there’s lots of running from here, there, to just about everywhere. Lots of amazing people I’ve met – and have the great privilege of partnering with. Honestly – it’s been really cool. But it keeps me busy – and means we need meals that are simple to prepare – and yummy.

Today John and I sat down and strategized out the next couple of weeks – of course, always pending adjustment given life being – well, life. 🙂 So – here’s what we’ve got going!

For the week beginning today, Monday, September 27th through Sunday, October 2, 2010 our plan is….

Monday – Spanish Rice con Carne. This is the recipe that Jonathan’s dad taught me how to make years and years ago. I really need to write it down. It’s easy to do, super yummy, and full of wonderful flavors.

Tuesday – Spaghetti. Which really means John, Jonathan, and I will eat Spaghetti. I’ll break down and crack open a store-bought bottle of alfredo sauce for William to pair up with some cooked chicken that’s in the freezer over whatever noodle he chooses.

Wednesday – Beef & Potato Soup. This is a William request item. It’s pretty much beef stock, beef seasoned with onion, celery, and garlic salt, and diced potatoes. It’s super plain – which is exactly why he loves it so.

Thursday – Chicken Fried Rice. We’re trying out a new recipe. If it’s any good – we’ll let you know! 🙂

FridayPapparadelle Bolognese. This is in my Williams-Sonoma Slow Cooker cookbook that I got when I got my All-Clad slow cooker (which I absolutely adore, by the way). I’ve been wanting to try this for ages. A day with two YarnFest events is a good reason to pull out the slow cooker, don’t you think?

SaturdayDina’s World Famous Lasagna. It’s pretty close to the traditional stuff, but this is what I came up with after hanging out with my friends on the cooking side of the culinary school. I like to make it up in two smaller disposable-type tin foil pans, freezing one before baking for future use.

Sunday – Ham & White Bean Soup with Cornbread. I love this soup. It’s creamy, and warm, and yummy, and good for you. Awesome! And the cornbread – well, it’s a must-have with this soup!

How about you?

What’s Your Plan?

I’d love to know!


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