Jam Round-Up

::steph chows:: hosted her 2nd Annual Jam Exchange – announcing back in July.

I think I signed up shortly thereafter.

àWhere, pray tell, did the summer go? July? I don’t even remember July now! What? Summer’s over? Wait! Did we have summer? ‘Cause I’m not thinking we did!ß

Okay – sorry – random thoughts going on here and there!

Today is the Round Up – be sure to go over and peek at the amazing exchanges that went on!

Steph was kind enough to match me up with Lori – who lives wwaaaayyyy over on the East Coast. Cool, huh? East Coast girl. West Coast girl. I like that.

Lori, I have this deep suspicion, is a far more with it and organized girl than I. In seemingly no time I received two beautiful jars of amazing jam!

Pear Cranberry on the left and Rhubarb Ginger on the right.


The girl’s got some great taste pairings going on there, right?!

We were so excited to open them up and give them a try.

Lori – you rock!

Thanks so much for being so kind as to gift us with these lovely jars of jam! Honestly, I think the family was relieved that it was something kinda fun and different! 🙂

On the very last day possible – in my classic fashion – I sent Lori a jar of Blueberry Jelly and a jar of Marionberry Jam – both of which were made from fruits that we picked and processed on the same day. We had so much fun that day!

Just in case you didn’t know – Marionberries are pretty much an “Oregon thing” and much loved. We had quite a discussion trying to decide which to send Lori – and it finally came down to, “Well, hello! Send something Oregon!” You gotta love teenagers – they are pretty darn smart!

So – really glad to have been a part of the Jam Exchange and to have been fortunate enough to be paired up with Lori. And definitely gonna sign up again next year… I’ve already started pondering what to make up next year to send! 🙂

Thanks Steph!


3 thoughts on “Jam Round-Up

  1. Thank you so much for joining! And I’m so sorry to hear life has been crazy for you!! I hope everyone is doing well and things have calmed down! I’ll go update my post right now with you pic! Thank you again!!!

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