What’s Your Plan? Week 3

It’s that time again – time to share what we’ve got planned for our menu for the coming week…

Here’s the plan:  Every Saturday, I’m going to publish our menu for the week here – on this blog – as a means of accountability.  I’ll try to give links to recipes whenever possible.  I’ll share links to resources as I come across them.  And if you want to join in – and please do! – leave a comment in the comments section here telling us what YOU are planning for your dinner menus for the week.  Maybe if we all join in – we’ll get inspired to try something new and different – or just maybe forgotten for a while!



Do you ever have one of those weeks?

The kind of week where you kinda forget that your whole world is heading straight for a major shift in the world as you know and understand it?


That was me this past week.

My baby girl is heading to college 3,122 miles away – mere hours for now.

All of the things I had planned to do this past week just didn’t happen.

Oh well.

Life happened.

I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

All of the recipes that I was going to get around to typing up and blogging about – still untyped and unblogged about.

I’m okay with that.

BUT – I do need to get back in the swing of things.  It’s not that long until William’s next surgery at Shriner’s (11 days), and until school starts again (16 days) and I just need to be consistent and in the habit of doing these things for when things get a little crazier with all that comes with the Fall.

So – here we go!

For the week beginning today, Sunday, August 22 through Saturday, August 28, 2010 our plan is….

Sunday – Beef Stroganoff with Squash from the Garden!!!  Yes!  Our first squash from the garden!  Woo Hoo!  One Romanesco zucchini and one yellow crookneck squash.  I adore squash.  I’d hoped that Jess would get to have some before she left for college.  Yay!

Monday – Chicken Tenders with BBQ Sauce.  Yes.  This will be the beginning of that phase in life when our children at home are male teenaged persons who really believe that everything is better with BBQ sauce on it.

Tuesday – Burgers on the Grill.  It’s gonna be hot – and who knows how long we have optimal grilling weather – must not waste the opportunity!

Wednesday – Tacos.  A classic Wednesday night meal – with youth group activities – it’s a breeze to throw together and is a meal the boys simply adore.

Thursday – Cheesy Hammy Pasta.  This is William’s new favorite dish.  It’s got lots of cheese, it’s got chunks of ham.  It makes him a happy boy – so it’s on the menu!  Some day – when he’s developed real taste buds – I’ll be able to throw in all of the fabulous vegetables I long to and he’ll still eat it!

Friday – Dinner out – at a friend’s Birthday Bash – it’s gonna be great fun!

Saturday – John & Dina’s Chili con Carne with Scoops.  This is a great meal option – warm, comforting, and absolutely yummy.  AND – another great opportunity to use up some of those fabulous real home canned beans!

Okay – so this may be grossly obvious – but for me, it was one of those “ah ha” moments when I realized this could help my menu planning significantly.

It’s a wonderful thing called the Weather Forecast.

I usually go to Weather.gov – and then, just to see if it’s pretty close, I also go to Weather.com to see what the weather is going to do for the week.


Here’s the forecast for our corner of the world for the next 10 days.


Chance Sprinkles
Lo 45 °F

SunnyHi 83 °F

ClearLo 52 °F

SunnyHi 92 °F

ClearLo 53 °F

SunnyHi 87 °F

Partly Cloudy
Lo 53 °F

Partly Sunny
Hi 72 °F

Mostly Cloudy
Lo 51 °F


10-Day Forecast for Portland, OR


High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Aug 22
Cloudy 49° 10 %
Aug 23
AM Clouds / PM Sun 78°/53° 10 %
Aug 24
Sunny 89°/56° 0 %
Aug 25
Sunny 86°/55° 0 %
Aug 26
Sunny 69°/51° 0 %
Aug 27
Partly Cloudy 68°/50° 10 %
Aug 28
Partly Cloudy 72°/52° 20 %
Aug 29
Mostly Sunny 71°/54° 10 %
Aug 30
Partly Cloudy 68°/54° 10 %
Aug 31
Few Showers 70°/53° 30 %

Knowing that it’s going to be near 90° F on Tuesday makes Tuesday the obvious grilling day.  And seeing that the high on Saturday is only forecasted to be 72° F makes me feel so much more confident about planning chili for dinner that night!  Know what I mean?

Elementary, right?  Don’t know why it took me so long to factor that in to the whole menu planning thing!

Now – tell me…

Any insider tips?

And of course…

What’s Your Plan?

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Plan? Week 3

  1. Juggling the weather in the summer along with the busy-life activities and then factoring in what garden produce we have on hand – all that has made it more difficult for me to plan weekly! Your weekly planning post has helped me though! Knowing that you were going to be on top of things spurred me on to making a plan too.
    So I’m trying again this week: chili and rice tonight from the crockpot;
    grilled chicken and corn on cob tomorrow (b/c of the weather!!);
    homemade mac and cheese on Thursday;
    another crock pot meal for Friday b/c of football practice – sweet and sour chicken;
    Saturday will most likely be homemade pizza day
    and Sunday is soup day, or else breakfast for dinner day!

    • Okay – so I gotta ask, Jules… How do you do the chili with rice? I’ve always wanted to do this but don’t know how. 🙂

      • Oh this is one of our favorites! But it’s not a cut and dried recipe!
        Brown ground beef (about a pound or less); throw it into a crockpot along with 3 cans of beans – we use kidney, black and garbanzo. Add a can of tomato sauce and some water, maybe half a can to wash out the sauce left in the can. I added in fresh tomatoes this week from the garden; throw in spices – oregano, parsley, onion, garlic, whatever you think would make it zing; salt and pepper – it’s all about individual taste buds! Let it cook on Low for about 4 hours. Serve over cooked rice, grated cheese for a topping or crushed white crackers or sour cream. Yum! (This makes enough to serve 4 little kids and my husband.)

  2. Sunday: KFC for my daughters birthday
    Monday: KFC leftovers (was awesome since we have swim lessons on Monday and get home so late)
    Tuesday: Beanie Weenies
    Wednesday: Manicotti w/salad and green beans
    Thursday: Fish tacos w/coleslaw & fruit medley
    Friday: Homemade pizza night
    Saturday: Catch as catch can OR leftovers

    • Hey Liz! So tell me about your fish tacos… How do you do those? They sound good, but we’ve never given them a spin here. I think they sound great!

      • Oh Dina, they are so easy. We get the frozen salmon patties from Costco, grill them up, shred and place in a wheat flour tortilla. I also make a slaw with a shredded cabbage mix (1/2 bag for 4 of us), scoop of sour cream, tsp of mayo, garlic powder, tsp of chili powder and lemon juice (or lime – whatever I have on hand) to taste/consistency. The key to it turning out right is putting all the ingredient in the bowl and mixing up before adding the slaw mix and then incorporate by turning over. It really is good and so easy!

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