What’s Your Plan, Week 2

It’s that time again – time to share what we’ve got planned for our menu for the coming week…

For those of you who may have missed last week – here’s a recap:

Every Saturday, I’m going to publish our menu for the week here – on this blog – as a means of accountability. I’ll try to give links to recipes whenever possible. I’ll share links to resources as I come across them. And if you want to join in – and please do! – leave a comment in the comments section here telling us what YOU are planning for your dinner menus for the week. Maybe if we all join in – we’ll get inspired to try something new and different – or just maybe forgotten for a while!



Here goes! With the hot weather we’ve had the past couple of days, and that which is forecasted for the coming week – we do lots of cooking on the grill. We’ve found that most things can either be done on the grill or in the slow cooker when it’s inching up toward 100 F – that’s a really happy thing!

For the week beginning tomorrow, Sunday, August 15 through Saturday, August 21, 2010 our plan is….

Sunday – DIY at lunchtime after church; Burgers/Dogs on the grill for the evening meal. (Yeah, I know, we were supposed to do that today – but, well, plans have to change now and then, and it didn’t happen. We ended up having shrimp on the BBQ and green salad – it was yummy.)

Monday – Teriyaki Chicken on the Grill. This is a modification of LeeAnn’s Killer Teriyaki Wings – pretty much all you do is have an aluminum pan to set on the grill, put the chicken inside, then pour the sauce on top, cover, and then let the grill cook away! It turns out beautifully – and we typically serve with either rice or noodles and veggies.

Tuesday – Steak Quesadillas on the Grill. We buy the uncooked tortillas at Costco – cooking them directly on the grill takes maybe a minute. We thinly slice steak that we’ve found on sale, give it a quick cook and set it aside. Then since I’m pretty much the only one who gets into the onions – I’ll throw some slices onto the grill; John will do the same with a pepper that’s been sliced up. Then assembly is easy, quick, and finished results are just a few minutes away!

Wednesday – Mom’s World Famous Meatloaf. Yeah, really. They’re saying it’ll only be 80 on Wednesday. Even so, I may opt to make this on the grill, too. Love those aluminum grilling pans! Instead of mashed potatoes (which we almost always have with meatloaf), I’ll probably put together potato packets on the grill… I’ll probably post the recipe for that on Tuesday. Super easy – but fabulous!

Thursday – Ravioli’s with Chicken in Alfredo Sauce. I’m going to make this one up as I go along. I’ve got some ravioli’s in the freezer that need used up, the weather forecast says a high of 74 F, so I think I’m safe for resuming cooking indoors by Thursday! If I’m feeling industrious – and if I don’t have to work that day – I’ll try and make garlic bread sticks, too. Jess loves them, and well – she leaves for College next week. 😦

Friday – the forecast right now says a high of 70F for next Friday. I just don’t know if I can believe that or not when it’s about 90 at 9pm in my living room right now. BUT – if it’s true, then we’ve got “Meat, Rice, Gravy Thing” on the schedule for Friday. In essence, sautéed onions, celery, garlic, browned ground beef meet a lovely beef gravy, then served over rice, or noodles, or potatoes of some sort. Since it’ll just be a couple of days before Jess leaves – and rice is her fave – then I’m guessing rice it will be!

Saturday – Jess’s request: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. We actually use angel hair pasta, and the sauce is from scratch. I’ll see if I can’t get around to writing it up and getting it posted before Saturday. I’ve had several people ask me recently how to make a meat sauce from scratch lately – and well, it couldn’t be any easier. So I’ll get that done, promise!

And now – here’s my biggest insider tip/helper on menu planning: Microsoft Outlook. I love it. I’ve been deeply attached to it for actual decades. I set my window to week view, and then we try to eat dinner at about 6pm each night. I just make my dinner plan an appointment for 6pm each evening. It works out wonderfully.

Part of what makes this so wonderful? The fact that my phone gets plugged into my CPU each night and synchs the calendar in Outlook. Then I know what the plan is no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Isn’t that great?

Now – tell me…

Any insider tips?

And of course…

What’s Your Plan?

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