All in a Day’s Work…

Every girl should have fresh, ripe, luscious, sun-kissed walls of blackberries out her kitchen door…

…lots and lots of fresh blackberries.

Just waiting to be picked…

Like these ones were…

Seven pounds worth in very short order.

7 pints

12 half-pints worth.

A very good day’s work.

Lots more berries yet to be picked…


I love summer!

2 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work…

  1. Oh, does that bring back some wonderful memories from my youth! We had wild blackberries in my grandma’s neighborhood. A few of us would set out with a bucket in hand and come back after several hours with a mostly empty bucket! Those berries were so delicious we couldn’t help but eat them as they were picked!

    Of course we had several little scratches on our arms and legs from the thorns, but it was so well worth it. I’ve never found any place like that since…they just lined the sides of the roads.

    • I have great memories of picking mounds of blackberries at the farm across the way from my Uncle’s place. They are laced with sunshine, laughter, lots of berry eating, and adventures as we found tunnels and hideaways inside the berry bowers. It was great fun!

      Last night when I was making guacamole to go with dinner, I cut the lime in half, started squeezing and thought, “Ouch! What’s that from?” And then I remembered – blackberry bush thorns! 🙂

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