There have been days in the past weeks when I’ve felt as if the sun would never shine again. There were days of actual INCHES of rain. The soil was too wet to work. I have a crop of mushrooms that is impressive.

Wanna see my garden?

Yeah – seriously – all weeds.

Okay – there’s some green onion in here:

Can you see it? You gotta work hard.

And there’s a bit of spinach, too:

And the peas – planted MONTHS AGO – are finally getting a little height:

It’s to that point where I don’t know if we should just till it all under, or really try and hoe all of the weeds out.

It’s nearly mid-June, for heaven’s sake, and the garden isn’t in yet!

But today – something beautiful happened.

It’s actually hit the 80’s today.


Clear skies.

Not a cloud in sight.






Thank you Jesus!

My hydrangeas may actually bloom!

And there will be blackberries! (Thank you little bee for doing your pollination thing!)


The forecast for the week actually excludes the “R” word (it’s four-lettered and ends in n).

It was so nice today, in fact, that I let Buffy take the babies out of the broody mama section of the coop. She kept them close to home – but it was fun to see her teaching them the ropes of the coop in general.

Aren’t they getting big?! The little Dominique (on the left) is the most adventurous thus far.

And my Cuckoo Maran is still broody. I dunno – she’s really determined, this one. If we hadn’t already had one broody girl, I definitely would have put her on eggs!

So – hooray!

It does appear that summer may be coming around, after all!

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