Buffy, The Mommy


Underneath that calm exterior…

Three little puff balls…

So far – two Easter Eggers (from the green eggs) and one Dominque.

Aren’t they adorable?

More updates as they’re available…

I’m really hoping for a few more Dominiques at least!

3 thoughts on “Buffy, The Mommy

  1. They’re adorable! Your hen is so calm (or you’re so brave)! I don’t think any of my hens would welcome me peeking at the new babies 🙂 I always just stay back and wait for them to bring them out and show them off!

    • Thanks Stephanie!

      Buffy – amazingly enough – is pretty docile. She makes a lot of noise, and certainly ruffles her feathers – but her pecks are pretty benign. I’ve got a broody Cuckoo Maran right now that just about took one of my fingers off tonight! I wouldn’t dare try what I did with Buffy tonight with her!

      I sure hope we get a few more chicks from this hatching! Can’t wait to check tomorrow!

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