You Need One of These

…and it’s Fight Back Friday!!!

Do you have kids?

Do they eat food?

Snack food?

Do they seemingly subsist on things that you sometimes wonder ARE food?

Yeah – I have three teenagers in my house.

Know what they love?


Lots and lots of popcorn.

Seems simple enough, right?

Buy the popcorn.

They will eat it.


Typically in fairly short order, as well.

But there’s a moral dilemma involved.

Do you buy the stuff at Costco?

Yeah – that one. Those 32 bags will be gone in one week at my house.


But then you read the ingredient list:

And aside from the fact that I don’t know what the heck TBHQ really and truly is, and that the corn and corn products used are probably GMO – it looks like it should be healthy, right?

Ummm… I just can’t go there. I refuse to believe it.

So, for a while we tried this:

Loved it!

But, sadly, it didn’t stand up to the constant abused heaped upon it in our household. And honestly, kinda spendy to replace. So we didn’t.

So, for a while we tried something sorta like this:

Honestly – it’s a pain in the butt. It sits on the shelf. No one seems confident about using it. And it has pieces – that if lost – render it unusable. Frustrating.

So… one day, while perusing the pages of my very favorite cooking catalog, William and I came across this: (I have mentioned my love of Sur La Table here before, haven’t I?! J)

Interesting… very, very interesting.

It’s a microwave popcorn popper.

It’s supposed to be easy to use.

And durable.

And easy enough for a teenager on the brink of starvation to use.

I was intigued.

Guess where I went!

And this is what came home with me:

The box says things like…

Pops corn in microwave with no oil.

Made from Laboratory Glass

Butter Melting Lid

…and my favorite…

Dishwasher Safe!

The sales girl said, “…and it really works.” She went on a similar litany of items that hadn’t so much. She also mentioned that they sell out of them regularly, and this was the last one they had in the store. She said it was oftentimes easier to get it from the online store. She said people love them!

I was pleased to hear this.

When I unpacked it at home, I pulled the instructions out of the box and a few things concerned me.

“Simply fill the bottom of the popper with one layer of kernels – about 1.5 ozs.”

That means NOTHING to a teenager.

So John and I experimented. As it turns out, just shy of 1/4th of a cup is about 1.5 ounces – but it doesn’t make very much. Also turns out that 1/2 of a cup is WAY too much, and said popped corn will be somewhat scorched. (Isn’t it good to have chickens who don’t care and will greedily consume ANY popcorn offerings?!)

One-third a cup is just the perfect quantity of kernels for this popper.

Step one of teenager translation completed.

Next, it says, “Place in microwave on high for approximately 2 minutes and 45 seconds, no oil necessary. Cooking times may vary.”

Oh dear – my kids are used to the “Popcorn Button” on the microwave. Approximate means nothing to them.

So more experimentation ensued…

Using the Butter Melting Lid loaded with butter – it takes about 3 minutes 10 seconds to achieve the correct outcome.

Using no butter – 2 minutes 45 seconds is just right.

These are things that teenagers can and will understand and implement into day to day life.

I was satisfied.

Taste testings confirmed that popcorn made with this device does, in fact, taste MUCH better than prior methods of popping corn, for some unknown reason.

Two of my children will be fine using this appliance and popping corn with reckless abandon. The third will ask me or one of the other kids to do it. But then, it took said kid an alarming length of time to decide to learn how to do the yucky Costco popcorn – yes, the push the “Popcorn Button” kind. That’s okay – not a bad thing to learn new things!

So – after about ten batches of popcorn – I’ve decided we may have waited too long to purchase this thing. I like it. Enough to actually eat the stuff myself – which happens fairly rarely!

2 thoughts on “You Need One of These

  1. Hello Dina…….. 🙂

    I use Microwave popcorn too. Instead of butter though, I spray
    it with Olive Oil, while it’s still warm, and add a sprinkle of salt.
    It’s pretty good…… 🙂

    • Hey Virginia! Great idea with the olive oil. I also like to sprinkle freshly microplaned parmesan cheese on freshly popped corn – so yummy!

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