Spring Cleaning 2010

Today was our annual muck out the coop day.

Ducky was very interested in knowing what these bales of wood shavings were for.

I’m not sure exactly how many loads of shavings were ferried to the old garden site to be tilled in – but we had close supervision provided by one of the Blue Andalusians – in the top middle nest box.

The baby chicks were not much interested in the goings on on the other side of the coop.

Between John and I, mucking didn’t take all that long! We were surprised. We were also surprised that we found NO surprise eggs buried in the litter. Last year there were something like a dozen found!

This Blue was not going to move for anything! No amount of noise that we made phased her.

Impressive, huh?

Four bales of wood shavings later…

…she’s still not impressed.

But I think it looks lovely!

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