But they’re so cute…

I’ve admitted openly here before that I have a bit of an… :ahem:… soft spot, shall we say, for baby chicks, right?

Good – so no illusions going on here, right?

And honestly – it wasn’t like it was just an impulse buy or anything.

It was thought out!

It was strategic!

And – well, 5 of the girls (the Speckled Sussex) were re-homed yesterday, so I HAD to get new chicks, right?

I needed new chicks.


I did.

And who can blame me?

If they’d been looking at you at the feed store, you would have caved, too.

I’m just saying.

Who could leave the place without – oh, say – sixteen of the cutest little chicks ever?

Five Buff Oprington chicks….

Six Sicilian Buttercup chicks… I was only going to get five, but that wouldn’t have been very nice to leave the one there all by herself, would it have been?

And five Black Sex Links.

The what used to be middle babies – and are now the big babies (the two that Jezebel hatched a couple of months ago), and what used to be the baby babies (and are now the middle babies) were so intrigued by the new arrivals. So much so that they hung out in the coop to watch them for a while!

I don’t know that I’d call them the Welcome Wagon or anything.

Honestly, I think maybe they were showing off or something – you know – how cool they are hanging out on the big girl roosts.

So – it’s not like I have to admit I have a problem or anything… Cause I don’t have one. I needed chicks.

Really – I did!

3 thoughts on “But they’re so cute…

    • Hi Krista! We rehomed the Speckleds for a couple of reasons…. One – a family interested in breeding Speckled Sussex were very interested in that broodiness has primarily been bred OUT of that breed. They were consequently interested in either fertile eggs or chicks from our broody Speckled Sussex (Jezebel). Unfortunately – we are a rooster free zone, so none available. Secondly – our group of five Speckled Sussex were VERY vocal girls – VERY. We live in a neighborhood with much larger lots than the average in our area – but we have one neighbor – who of course lives in closest proximity to our lot – who is NOT tolerant of the noise. So – we felt rehoming them was the best course of action. That they got to go to such a fabulous – more rural home – was a huge reason for rejoicing!

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