Ahhh… Spring!

I’ve been trying for a couple of days to get this posted to this here blog… You see there’s this cool new slideshow feature that you can use here on WordPress that I really want to try out. But, it appears that I’m perhaps not as blog “with-it” as it required to utilize said feature. So – I’ll resort to doing things the old fashioned way – which, honestly, if I think about it much – has been working fabulously! Maybe not as flashy – but fine, nonetheless!

So here goes – some signs that Spring has finally arrived. Boy, am I glad!

Now that’s what I like to see! Sunshine and temperatures inching toward 80!

How can one not love Lilacs on a sunny Spring day? Aren’t they beautiful?

And of course, seeing the garden come to life is lovely as well… Even if my evil chickens did denude my broccoli starts!

Note to self… time to get the garden protected from the evil chickens!

Look! The peas are coming up! Hooray!

Sigh… I love Spring.

You may have been around long enough to know this about me – but the truth of the matter is the fact that I love Spring for one really big reason… it means that it’s almost SUMMER!!!

John has moved the portable chicken fencing to enclose what we call the “old” garden – i.e. the plot that was here when we first moved here. The girls are doing a nice job of tilling up the bed and trimming around the edges where the grass likes to try and skip the divider and head right into the garden. Yes, they can be evil (particularly when there are fresh, succulent vegetable starts about)- but chickens are so handy sometimes!

Remember the babies that Jezebel hatched 8 weeks ago? They’re getting so grown up!

The one on the right – I’m fairly sure – is a roo. He has ALL the signs of being male. Which is such a bummer. I am pleased that they’re both Silver Laced Wyandottes, though – aren’t they pretty?

The baby babies are 5 weeks old now – and hilarious!

“Dust bathing” in pine shavings – nutty chicks!

Look Ma! I’m cool – I can make it up to the Big Girl roost!

Camera shy!

Jess and William heard that you could hypnotize a chicken – and decided to see if it would work on Ducky…

…not so much.

Jessica does, by the way, have very special chicken wrangling skills. If any of us ever have a hard time cornering and catching a chick or chicken – Jessica is who we call. She does have a wonderful gentle spirit and kind heart… Maybe the girls know that!

What will I do when she goes clear across the country to college in the Fall?

Jess – helping the girls find big, fat, juicy worms.

We’ve noticed, John and I, that the crab apple (above), pear trees, cherry, and apple trees are all loaded with blossoms. When the wind blows it “rains” blossoms – and yet the trees still seem to be loaded.

It should be interesting to see how much fruit we actually see this year, after last year’s less than stellar outcomes.

All in all – it’s shaping up to be a lovely Spring. I’m so glad!

2 thoughts on “Ahhh… Spring!

  1. We are finally having spring weather here in KY. It has been a long, cold winter and we are so thankful for the warm temps. I am loving your chickens. We had some “varmit” trouble and lost all of ours about a year and a half ago.

    • OH NO! What a heartbreak to lose your chickens! I have a friend at church who went through that a while back, too. We’ve lost one or two here or there, but all of them – I’d be heartbroken!

      So glad you’re getting some glimpses of warmer weather there in KY, too. We’ve talked of wanting to visit KY and take the kids to see where it was we lived way back when… Maybe in the coming year or two! 🙂

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