Jamie’s Food Revolution USA | Campaign for healthy eating | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s Food Revolution USA | Campaign for healthy eating | Jamie Oliver.You know – I’ve always loved food.  Yeah, I know – I’ve admitted it here before – I’m a picky girl.  The fact that I have a choice is something that I cherish each and every day.

Do you know that a significant number of children rely on school-provided meals as their main source of nutrition?

How long since you’ve been in a school cafeteria?

How long since you’ve read the labels of the food that school kids are getting served?

It’s a scary, scary thing.

I live in a part of the country that has a growing trend of schools starting gardens and actually using the produce from those gardens – gardens that the children help to tend and harvest (how cool is that?!).  Even so – the fare that is served to my own kids – one middle schooler and two high schoolers – is oftentimes appalling.

Know what else?  There are rules – LOTS of rules – oftentimes truly IDIOTIC rules – governing what is allowed to be served.  Rules like a kid can be served a burger and fries and it will be called a “nutritionally complete” meal, but a stir-fry with fresh vegetables, rice, and fresh fruit can’t be called nutritionally complete – until you add another starch – you know, like french fries or a dinner roll!  Ugh!

I’ve been watching Jamie’s Food Revolution since it first aired.  I simply can’t miss an episode.  A couple of weeks ago I had to have a little surgical procedure done and missed my episode!  Thank you Lord Jesus for online viewing at abc.com!  I was able to catch up the next day – phew!

If you haven’t been watching Jamie’s Food Revolution – why not start now?

Go go abc.com and watch the previous episodes so that you can be caught up for tonight’s episodes.

After that – go to Jamie’s Food Revolution petition and sign – please!

It’s worth the investment of time – I promise!


4 thoughts on “Jamie’s Food Revolution USA | Campaign for healthy eating | Jamie Oliver

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  2. At my school we have been trying to change our food for years and are constantly hitting a brick wall. The other day I went in the staff room and the superintendent of out district was eating a school lunch because he was there for a meeting. I asked him to watch Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. And the P.E teacher chided him for not eating his vegetables. If given a choice kids usually choose the wrong thing. And don’t get me started on breakfast….yes, we serve pizza for breakfast, along with corn dogs made with sausage. I have seen it first hand and it isn’t pretty.

    • I know – it’s maddening, isn’t it? I think the whole beaurocratic mess regulating the whole school food program is nightmarish at best. And I do feel sort of sorry for those who have to enforce it – sort of. I mean, the lady on the show who is in charge of enforcing the “food pyramid” guidelines (which are total crap) is really just doing her job, right? Even though doing her job is harming the children it’s “supposed to” help! Ugh! It just is so stupid! There MUST be a change – for the better – and soon!

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