Menu Planning

Have I whined about menu planning here lately? It’s a challenge in our household.

The parents would love to eat some more adventurous, exotic type foods. Keeping in mind that I’m allergic to chicken, egg whites, soy, many milk products, strawberries, etc., etc., etc…

The daughter is the easiest to please, but she has strong feelings about tacos (hates them), and anything that resembles camp food.

The middle kid – our basketball player – who ought to be strategizing his nutrition, is perhaps one of the pickiest eaters on the planet. He would be happiest if we had pizza for every meal. He hates vegetables, too. And anything that requires effort prior to eating it.

And our youngest is happy as long as it’s meat accompanied by a potato – so long as it’s not pork, ’cause he’s allergic to that, along with peanuts, and milk products. Oh – and he hates tomato based stuff – i.e., spaghetti (the daughter’s favorite food), enchiladas, lasagna, etc. AND, he hates anything that resembles a vegetable. And rice. I’m sure there’s more. But you get the picture.

Nah – it’s not tricky at all!


This morning as I was thinking through the options, and remembering that we at least have tonight and tomorrow nights planned, I couldn’t help but wonder what we’d be doing for dinner Friday night – when John and Jonathan will be gone to the church’s men’s retreat. Jess and I would be happy with salads. Ugh! Decisions…

This morning I stumbled upon a little blast from the past, that reminded me of when days were simpler and one day in particular when our daughter thought to make breakfast for the family. I get a gold star for getting this on film. She was 5 at the time, by the way.

Look! She set the table and everything! She served herself and her baby brother cereal.

She knew her Dad liked bananas, so she made him a banana sandwich – yep – cheese and banana on whole wheat. There’s a nagging thought that she also put mayo on there, but there’s no photographic evidence, so I won’t swear on it.

And she knew that I loved avocados, so she made me an avocado sandwich – she even somehow figured out how to put some mayo under that cheese. Impressive for a 5 year old! I thought it touching that she knew I’d need a knife to deal with that avocado!

Wasn’t that precious?! (She’s going to kill me if she finds out I posted this! LOL!)

And – just to prove a point – we were talking about this recently, actually. The picture below is of William – he was about a 14 months old, I’m thinking…


Tomato based food! And he liked it enough to get it everywhere!

I told you so! You did, too, used to like tomato based stuff!

I think it was enchiladas, but I’m not 100% sure. We’ll just suffice it to say he enjoyed it!

Back to pondering Friday’s dinner plan…

5 thoughts on “Menu Planning

  1. We have food issues here to. Some things just don’t work for me. Peas, corn, blueberries. I have to have my proteins very tender to eat them which limits a lot of choices. And forgive me for sounding a bit like Emeril, but I have my times, when pork fat rules. Mitch will make a roast and honestly, if it isn’t the dark meat portion, all that I want is the crispy fat. I know that it isn’t good for me, but we all have our little vices in life, right?


    • Becca, are you still banded? If so – I can’t imagine what kinds of diet modifications that would be required! I’ve really struggled trying to figure out my new eating since my recent surgery and removal of my stomach. It feels like dense foods “catch” on my suture lines going down – owie! It hurts! NOT loving that! Majorly missing my DS!

      I’m so all about the dark meat, too – but that’s the great thing about malabsorption! There’s nothing wrong with it when you’re a malabsorber!


  2. Wow, I thought I had it tough with my husband, Mr. Picky Eater.

    He won’t touch anything with mayo on it or that has a mayo-based dressing. Most fish is off the list, especially salmon, which I LOVE. Beyond that, it’s trial & error in our home. He loves to cook and gets the privilege more often than not. Everything he makes, he loves. I’m about 60/40 thus far. There’s usually some aspect of what I make that just misses the mark.

    I’m counting my blessings that I don’t have more than one finicky mouth to feed! Good luck!

    • Oooh! Just like Jess and William, both – NO Mayo in their world. Which is so sad, cause I make the home made stuff that’s SO yummy!

      Yeah, I don’t do salmon, either. William went through a major smoked salmon thing for a couple of years, actually. My Mom took the kids on an Alaskan cruise years ago and they got hooked… If all of the things for have a kid passionate about – I was so okay with that!

      There are days when I sit back and let out a deep breath of relief that the dinner meal is over with for the day – win or lose – and breathe a prayer of thanks that I’ve got a little time before I’ve gotta try and figure out what the next battle will look like! LOL!

  3. I am still banded, for what it is worth. I really don’t think that it is what was right for me then, nor now. I know that I have to do something, but what at this point in time the what is the bigger question.

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