A new fence!

We’ve been talking for quite a while about the fact that we wished we had a fenced yard. Like – the entire five years we’ve lived here! Ha!

The past couple years we fenced around the garden plots to keep the girls out and from desecrating our veggies. It was the right place to start.

But now that we have 36 big girls – well, some of the more adventurous girls have been traveling further down the street than we’re happy with.

So our interest was definitely piqued when we ran across an ad for moveable fencing. That really appealed because you could rotate fenced areas really quite easily.

As it turned out – John went ahead and ordered 184 feet of fence and it arrived not too long ago.

It was quite nice out yesterday, so he got out after work and got the fence up. It’s working great!

See the white fencing at the end of the coop? That’s where it’s at.

We had to leave a corridor for the oil truck to come and deliver heating oil.

It’s a pretty big space, huh?

And of course, one must include pictures of the little peeps – out ranging with Jezebel and enjoying the sun.

Peep #1 sunbathing.

Peep #2 stretching her wings out to catch some rays. Any opinions on breed? We have no idea!

From the top of the driveway you can sorta see the fence, it’s not a huge eyesore or anything – phew!

And – a picture of one of the tulip tree blossoms opening up. Sigh… I love Spring!

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