Is she or isn’t she?

A good mommy, that is…

Today when he got home and checked on Jezebel John heard peeps – and found a dead (headless!) chick.


The question is – why?!

Especially when this is going on undernearth her?!

As you can see on the closer up below – two hatched, and one actively hatching – and quite a few peeps heard.

Peep updates whenever possible!

She’s so mean!

Yes – there are three open nest boxes.

So why are there two chickens in one nest box?

Because Jezebel wants to sit on the egg that the Delaware on the right is about to lay!

Jezebel is the Speckled Sussex on the left.

She’s mean.

REALLY mean.

Being broody has NOT improved her disposition one iota.

At all.

So – after some quick consultation, John and I decided to buy some fertilized eggs and let Jezebel set them and hatch out some chicks. We’re figuring she’s going to be one formidable Mamma Hen.

Here they are! There are:

2 Ameracaunas

6 Silver Laced Wyandottes

3 Rhode Island Reds

3 New Hampshire Reds

If everything goes according to plan we should have chicks right around the 20th of February.

The big thing to get this whole thing up and running – actually having to pick Jezebel up and move her to her babies. SCARY!

John was smart though, and put gloves on first. Boy, can this bird bite!

Very wise to move quickly with this bird!

She wasted NO time gathering the eggs into a pile she was happy with…

…and then went to work.

Is that a smile I see on her little chicky face?

It’s been a little crazy how peaceable she is now that she’s got eggs to keep warm!