…and then there were more!

Four more, to be exact.

Meet Millie (we call her M2), Rosie, Louise, and Speck.

They are young-ish pullets that came to live with us this week. They are Rhode Island Reds, and from the looks of it, a few months behind – age wise – than our April 2009 chicks. They are sweet and fit into the flock beautifully.

They come from a family not far from here who found that continuing to have chickens wasn’t working out for them right now – and we were fortunate enough to be the recipient of these lovely ladies.

Honestly – I think our Millie (aka M1) and Henrietta are a little relieved to have some kin added to the flock. It’s funny how birds of a feather do – actually – flock together. I was watching them the other afternoon kinda hanging out together and older/wiser Millie and Henrietta seemed to be giving the new girls the insider tips. It’s been fun watching them interact!

These four came to us not having roosted at night before. It took them a few nights, but they they soon not only figured out HOW to roost – but exactly WHERE they want to roost – and they’re willing to defend their spot! 🙂

I love Rhode Island Reds… probably because our first four were RIR’s too. It’s been great fun getting to know these girls – and we’re so glad to add them to our family!

(Mystery – on the ladder to the right – getting ready to ask if she can scootch in with the new girls.)

3 thoughts on “…and then there were more!

  1. It’s so great to see the girls are settling in to their new home! I imagine they’re thrilled to be roosting up high again… when they were really young they preferred the top of the barbecue to their coop, and it took forever to convince them otherwise. Having a rooster around again is probably also refreshing! Hopefully they’ll start demonstrating their excellent laying skills for you soon as they adjust. I miss them already, but they look like they’re going to love their new home and fit right in!
    Thanks so much for posting the pics, I’ll be keeping an eye out for more!

  2. By the way, if you’ve been curious about which girl is which, I can try to enlighten you a bit… I’m not exactly confident I can always tell them apart, but I know Speck is the one with the ring of dark feathers around her neck (like your Millie, if I remember right), our Millie’s the tall skinny one with a pretty big comb, and of the other two I’m pretty sure Rosey is the lighter. They never seem to mind what name we use… if they see us coming with food, they’ll be there. 🙂

    • Thanks Shelby! We’re really enjoying the girls and they have definitely made themselves at home. I really think that Millie (M1) and Henrietta – our RIR’s are thrilled to have some RIR friends added to the flock – they definitely hang together!

      And of course – feel free to come by and visit any time, okay? 🙂

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