I may have let slip a time or two before that I have some… um… shall we call them dependencies in life.

One of which is my computer. My desktop computer. Yes, I have a laptop – which is very handy when one is traveling, or in the hospital, or the like. I am deeply grateful to have a laptop – really, I am. But – well, I *love* my desktop.

Until it dies, that is.

Then I’m not so happy about it.

(Fickle, aren’t I?!)

I can admit it – I had my fair share of pouts and – shame – fits with Dell, my service provider. I even got a little – I’m so embarrassed – forceful with them when the rubber hit the road.

But dang it all! I need my computer!

Yes, I said NEED!

So – what was originally thought to be a few days without my much depended on desktop stretched on to more than a month – you can imagine what a state I was in by the time my new system arrived.

Here’s what it looks like:

How can you not love a kick butt warranty when something like this arrives on your doorstep – free of charge?

See the crazy red lighting? You can change it up – all sorts of different colors – each area can be a different color if you want. You can have morphing colors – from one color to another. Or pulsing colors – honestly – I know – who cares about color, right. Um… I gotta admit – I’m loving the colors.

So… life will now be coming back to a little more normalcy. I’m still – admittedly – limping along a bit because we haven’t been able to access my backup drives yet – when those are restored – THEN I’ll be running full steam ahead.

Pretty stinking sweet, though, huh?

Thank you, Lord Jesus!


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