Houston – we have GREEN!

When we ordered chicks earlier in the year we made some strategic decisions about what TYPE of chicks to order – i.e., what breeds. One thing that we’d realized we wanted – and didn’t get – with our first little flock of girls, were any Americauna’s – i.e., tinted egg layers. As long as 16 months ago we’d decided that we needed some Americaunas. We wanted green and blue eggs!

Typically – a pullet (what a chick is called before she’s a year old) will come into lay – i.e., start laying eggs, at about 20 weeks of age. A number of factors can really affect when that first magical egg arrives, though – things like hawk scares, neighbor dog scares, weather, etc. can delay laying.

Of course, a little less than a year ago we had the mysterious arrival of Crayon! Yes, she’s decidedly an Americauna, but lays a pinkish-hued brown egg – no blue or green. L We love her, though – she’s very sweet and a wonderful addition to the flock.

Our April 2009 chicks are now EIGHT months old. Up until now we’ve had only brown eggs – so I’d assumed we’d lost out on the tinted egg layer lottery, darn it all!

But on Thursday – an event worthy of me trying to figure out how to use my camera phone and text everyone a photo occurred…


It’s a GREEN egg!


I figured – well, at least we have ONE tinted egg layer.

Then today – THREE green eggs – all varying shades of green – clearly the work of three different girls! COOL!

We’re so excited!

Good girl! Keep laying those cool green eggs!

6 thoughts on “Houston – we have GREEN!

    • Now if only we could get some blue eggs….

      It’s kinda funny how eager the kids are to go out and check for eggs now that the green eggs have shown up! LOL!


    • I know, right?! We’re loving it. It certainly makes going out in the frigid weather to collect eggs a little more worthwhile! 🙂

    • I’m so glad, Liz!

      I gotta tell you – my chickens are honestly like a form of really, really great therapy. If I’m ever stressed out I just go out and hang with them a while and then I’m feeling happy – laughing over some crazy thing or the other they’re doing – and praising God for his creativity when He designed the chicken! 🙂

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