…for the most part!

See what my genius husband did today? He secured bird netting over the chicken yard – essentially, making it impossible for Rogue Chickens to fly up into the tree! Woo Hoo!

For the most part it worked! Two of the girls figured out how to sneak past and fly up into the tree – one of the Ameraucana, one of the Blue Andalusians. And yes, it did take John and me essentially hunting down and throwing them into the coop – the other 8 girls who usually sleep in the Willow. But who cares?! They’re in the coop! Right now! Sleeping!

Cause for rejoicing!

See that little Ameraucana through the hole? She’s SURE she can find a way through that bird netting to get up in the tree!

She was wrong!

A couple of the Blues checking out the coop. By this point in time each night they’re normally way up at the top of the willow. This change has rocked their world a bit!

She’s not feeling amused about the change! Doesn’t she look a little bit cranky?

Nighty night, girls…

4 thoughts on “Success!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

      Well, the good news is that the success continues, and the girls are adjusting… their egg production is down – we kind of expected that with the change, but they’ll get over it!


  1. Good job Liz! I was having a nightmare with my girls jumping over to my neighbors home. Some were not too excited about it, yikes! We finally put up a wooden privacy fence and they’ve been much better at staying within their boundaries. It amazes me how high these girls can jump! I LOVE your coop!!

    • Thanks Diana! My husband works for the local transportation district – using AutoCAD a lot – guess who had blueprints and all when he designed and built the coop?! 🙂 He’s brilliant, my husband!

      Aren’t chickens sneaky?! I’ve got a couple that make the art of escape look like child’s play. They can drive you nuts – but it’s impossible not too love them!

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