Fresh Eggs

John got the sign up today, advertising the fact that we have eggs for sale.

We’ve been selling eggs for quite some time. People stop by all the time and ask if we have any, and if we have enough excess, then we sell them. If you’ll recall, William decided some time ago that he should have an egg business – and so we ordered chicks to augment our flock this spring.

Said chicks have been laying – and getting their “sea legs” so to speak, starting with the cutest little tiny 1 ounce eggs, and most are now up to regular sized eggs. Most days we’re getting a dozen eggs. Today was a 15 egg day. We’ve got five dozen extra eggs in the fridge – and available for sale.

Wow – it’s actually happening!

The morning started off with a lady from the neighborhood stopping by to buy eggs. A good start!

Today as I was washing dishes and looking out onto the chicken yard, I was struck by the fact that our baby chicks are nothing of the sort any longer – in fact, they’ve grown into some really beautiful pullets. So, of course, I had to grab the camera and get a few pictures.

This one I’m excited about. This is the lone black Minorca that we have left. She is SO beautiful. I don’t know if you can tell at all – but she’s so black that she has an amazing green sheen to her feathers. I love the contrast between her feathers, her crazy floppy comb and wattles, and her white ears. Yes, she lays white eggs. It’s very difficult to get a picture of her – she’s pretty skittish. So I was pretty thrilled to get this one!

And I know I’ve said it before, but I just love the Blue Anadalusians. Here’s a not super clear picture of one – but I think this one is really a beautiful bird!

All of the Blues are, really – but the lovely deep hue of her plumage is really stunning.

I realized today that there really is no distinction – size wise, anyway – between the big girls and the 2009 chicks. When they’re out scratching around – you really can’t tell which is which, except for the breed differentials.

And great news! Crayon isn’t quite so naked any more. She’s getting her feathers in! She still looks pretty funky – but she definitely looks better!

And here’s a not very clear picture of Mystery – the black Ameraucana. She’s so pretty – and also very skittish – so it’s hard to get a picture of her.

On a different note – my Aero Garden is growing amazingly! Take a look:

See that? I’m not sure if you can – but those are little buds that are coming out!

It’s been so fun to watch these plants thrive and develop! It’s been nearly a month since they were planted, and they say we should expect tomatoes to eat in another month.

And amazingly – there are still a few flowers blooming in the yard. Not the best picture – but it’s still a beautiful little poppy! I’m definitely going to plant a whole bunch more poppies next year – I’ve loved them!

All in all – I’m adjusting to the fact that fall is here. It really is beautiful – even if it isn’t my favorite time of year! J

8 thoughts on “Fresh Eggs

    • Thanks Lisa!

      It’s hard to be in the “don’t love Fall so much” brigade, huh?! I seriously mourn when spring and summer slip away. John and I have talked many times of where we could possibly live that’s more temperate during the fall and winter months – but our kids would kill us if we ever moved them! LOL!

    • Becca!!! Dang, girlfriend! Someone was just asking me the other day if I’d heard from you or knew where or how you were! So you’re still in Hillsboro – just down the road! We totally need to get together. I’m hoping to be all better and all healed up SOON! Let’s definitely stay in touch, okay?

  1. I just can’t believe how much we have in common. Chickens, gardening, lol!! I love your girls, they are so beautiful. My hubby and I have been praying about an acreage. I would love to have so many different varieties. I am content, however, in my 7 girls living in my backyard. I’ve been tending to one, as my dog decided to “play” with one of my Barred Rocks 😦 She’s getting better! Praise the Lord!!

    • Diana,

      Have you read the Anne of Green Gables books? Know about kindred spirits? Yeah – I’m thinking that’s what we are! 🙂

      Oh… how we long for acreage. Some day… I want goats! And cows! And sheep – I gotta have yarn, you know! (I have a knitting and crocheting addiction…)

      We have a make-shift chicken hospital in our pantry. We’ve dealt with prolapsed vent (ugh!), blackberry thorns in the eye, a sprained ankle, etc. It’s SO emotional – we get so attached to these girls!

      Thankfully, our dog is an Aussie, and she thinks she’s supposed to protect the girls… The cats (even the 30 pound one!) are afraid of them – so leave them alone. The neighbor dogs… that’s another story!



    • Are you kidding? We’d love to have you meet with us! The Beaverton Support Group is still going strong! It’s the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We have dinner first somewhere in Beaverton, and then meet at 7pm at the Carr Chevy World (in their lunchroom) at the corner of Murray and TV Hwy (kinda behind K-Mart).

      So that means the next meeting is November 11th.

      Have a great trip home!

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