My Garden is Growing

Have I ever mentioned that I have a decades-long addiction to Sur la Table? It’s true. It started when I was in Baking School (1980 whatever) and I learned that I could have a 20% discount on all of the equipment that I needed to purchase for school anyway.

This was when I lived in the Seattle area and so whenever I needed something for school, I’d hop a bus, head down to Pike Place Market, pick up an apple or orange to eat from the corner fruit stall a block or two down the way from Sur la Table.

I’d make my way into the door of Sur la Table and what – by all rights – ought to have been a 10 minute visit, typically would turn into a two or three hour visit! Yeah, they knew me by name there! Well, they ought to have – I spent thousands of dollars there – WITH my discount!

Over the years I’ve had to exercise extreme measures of discipline when in any sort of proximity to Sur la Table. The fact that they have an online store is dangerous enough! I just pretend they don’t – it serves me well.

However, on occasion I really and truly do need to purchase something for the kitchen and of course, Sur la Table is where I typically start my search.

A couple of years ago I was in the Sur la Table in the Pearl District.

I’d found the item I was actually looking for within about 30 seconds of entering the store, of course. I was just taking “a few minutes” to look around. I particularly love their clearance racks. One can find amazing treasures there. As I was heading toward the clearance racks I saw a display with the most curious little garden growing.

I liked it.

I liked it a lot.

Yes, I have half an acre in which to garden – but dang, wouldn’t this be cool to grow some veggies or herbs during the winter?

I casually mentioned it to my wonderful husband. Of course, this Aero Garden was not cheap, so I didn’t expect it to magically show up.

Fast forward to December 2008. I have a December birthday. So, being the kind, considerate, wonderful husband that he is, my husband bought me my very own Aero Garden (just like the one above) for Christmas and Birthday.

What a cool gift!!!

I was determined to get it set up before my ankle reconstruction in March. Didn’t happen.

So I was going to do it while I was home recuperating after my ankle reconstruction. Didn’t happen.

I thought – well, maybe fore we get the garden outside planted. Didn’t happen.

Then I got sick… and stayed sick… and was in the hospital… and was wiped…

But FINALLY – September 27, 2009 – I got it set up.

I chose the cherry tomato kit – I’ve got several to choose from. It has two heirloom red cherry tomato plantings, and one heirloom yellow cherry tomato planting.

There are spacers between the three plants so that the plants – as they grow – have enough air circulation and room to grow. Smart, huh?

I need to dust, huh?!

Isn’t that a lovely hearty little plant?!

The plant on the far right was the last to germinate – but it’s doing a good job of catching up.

All in all – I’m very pleased with my little garden! J I’m excited about getting tomatoes from it in the winter!

And now – on a totally non-related theme – except for maybe the fact that this little one probably had a good share of eating our garden outside….

This is what we were greeted with yesterday morning as William and I were leaving. Not the best quality photo – being that it’s through the car windshield!

But I was amazed how long he/she (???) stood there and just checked us out while we were madly scrambling for the camera.

It’s funny how annoyed we get with the deer – who consider our garden to be one of their favorite places to come and eat. But when we see one we all ooh and ahh – cause they’re so stinking beautiful!

Anyway – I couldn’t close without including one of the photos that I didn’t know was on my camera when I downloaded photos this morning.

Jessica and Jonathan – guess what their school colors are!?

Okay – off to do a load of laundry.

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