Poor Crayon!

A few days ago I noticed a bunch of feathers in a couple of different spots around the yard. More than a few feathers. Got me curious.

A couple of days ago I thought, “Gosh, Crayon looks a little weird.” Not sick weird, but just – well – different.

A couple of the older girls have gone through molting in the past weeks – it seemed as if they’d lose tail feathers, or bunches of other feathers – but nothing drastic.

Here’s a good definition about molting from Wikipedia:

Molting simulates the natural process where chickens grow a new set of feathers in the fall, a process generally accompanied by a sharp reduction or cessation of egg production. Natural molting is stimulated by shortening day lengths combined with stress (of any kind). Before confinement housing with artificial lights were the norm, the fall molt caused a fall scarcity of eggs and high market prices.

We didn’t know a whole bunch about molting when we got into this whole chicken addiction stuff. Gosh, the stuff you learn!

But day before yesterday, I walked out and realized, “CRAYON’S NECK IS NAKED!” William exclaimed, “She looks like a Turken!” He hates turkens, they scare him! Can you see that naked neck up there? Poor Crayon!

Last evening when I looked out the kitchen window, there was poor Crayon, huddled up – nearly naked! – in the corner of the chicken yard. It was getting cool out – and she has almost no feathers left! Poor thing!

Doesn’t she look sad and pathetic?

You can kind of see that she has new feather’s working their way in. But what’s she going to do when it gets colder and rainier nest week? So sad!

Jessica and I decided the best way to see what she looks like is with a little bit of video. So here you go:

One’s gotta wonder if she’ll end up completely naked before it’s all over!  Isn’t that sad – just one little old tail feather left!  LOL!

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