They’re Growing Up!

Nearly all of the 2009 Chicks are laying now. It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has flown – they were just little fluff balls the other day – and now they’re getting to be big girls!

I went out in the yard last afternoon to try and get some pictures – I must provide the disclaimer that I’m still pretty weak after having been sick and my hands shake a bit – so my pictures aren’t the clearest – sorry! But this will give you an idea!

Remember this? Aren’t they adorable?

Here they are now…

This is one of the Delawares. I think they’re so pretty! Interestingly enough, they lay brown eggs.

This is one of the Speckled Sussex.

Here’s one of the Cuckoo Marans. They are HUGE. Well, so are the Delawares, but the 2009 Cuckoo Maran chicks are even bigger than BB!

In the foreground one of the Blue Andalusian girls. Isn’t she just stunning? And yes, the Blues lay white eggs. Slightly behind her is the Buff Minorca. She’s the last Buff Minorca – her sister was the first to die – didn’t handle the transit well here in April. The other Buff that we ordered was a roo – and he went to live on a farm this summer.

This is Mystery, she’s an Americauna – it took us the longest time to figure out what she was because she looked so different from her sisters.

This is Scarlet. She’s our special needs chicken. Her top beak got ripped off pretty short, and has a long bottom part of her beak. She’s learned to adapt pretty well, but I do try to give her her own special treats so she doesn’t have to fight for them. She also has the most interesting coloring of all of the Cuckoo Marans. We’re wondering if she’s a copper Cuckoo Maran.

And here’s one of the other Americaunas. We can’t tell these ones apart, so they don’t have names. But they are kind of golden and brown colored, and very inquisitive. I don’t think they’re laying quite yet, either.

I couldn’t for the life of me get a picture of the Black Minorca – she’s so skittish! But she’s SO beautiful. She’s jet black with a green iridescent sheen to her, with white ears, and a bright red comb and wattles. We originally had two Black Minorcas. In recent days we’ve realized the second, less dominant one, has simply disappeared. To be honest, with all of the girls who sleep up in the Willow tree, we’re having a hard time even knowing exactly how many chickens we actually have! Probably close to 30, I think. Maybe 28 or 29. I’ve got to find a way to get a head count!

On the egg front, we’re averaging about 10 eggs a day – we’ve had as many as 14 in a day. So things are definitely improving in the egg production world. There were times not that long ago – when the heat was so bad – that we’d have three or four egg days. It will be interesting to see what kind of tally we’ll have when everyone is producing.

We continue to have people stopping and asking to buy eggs, so we’re getting ready to start doing that. We have casually in the past, but we have a real sign now and everything, so that should be an interesting transition!

I’ll close this with a picture that I took a few days ago – I love the coloring of it!

5 thoughts on “They’re Growing Up!

  1. All of your chickens are beautiful! And they really have grown up in a short time. I think summer helps them fill out even faster. I got my first batch of chicks in October 2 years ago and they still didn’t look like full grown hens until the end of the following summer.
    Chickens are so much, aren’t they? You have such a fun variety of breeds, colors and sizes, too. I had no idea that Delawares laid brown eggs. Their ears must be red then, right? They saying is ‘red ears equals colored eggs and white ears equals white eggs”.
    Your blue andalusian is gorgeous!
    And so is that flower photo. Great job!


    • Thanks Lisa! Yes, they are hilarious – and I can’t imagine life not having them for entertainment alone, much less eggs!

      I was looking at some pictures of the big girls from last year and was so surprised at how juvenile they looked compared to now! Wow! They grow up so much without you even realizing it. Kinda like my kids! LOL!

  2. I loved having baby chicks around (when I was a little girl)! Your photo reminded me of that time long ago 🙂 They were such sweet cute little fluff balls;
    I don’t know what type of chickens we had though – a reddish color is about all I can recall. I got to collect the eggs; and watch the rooster meet his final day. He was a mean one, so I didn’t mind that day so much!
    Glad to “see” you are up and around a little bit!!

    • Jules,

      I have to admit – having baby chicks around is ADDICTIVE! Lord help me when it’s spring and I’m at the feed store. It’s all I can do to refrain from grabbing a few to buy and bring home! I could sit and watch them for HOURS on end!

      Maybe you had Rhode Island Reds. They’re pretty standard and have been for a long time. They are anywhere from a dark strawberry blonde to a very dark reddish brown. And they’re great layers.

      It’s nice to be getting better – and getting out in the yard more! I’m holding out for a couple more days of sunshine, though – feel like I missed summer!


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