All done!

I hate to even say the words – but it’s true, I’m back in the hospital – again. I’ve actually been here for nearly a week – hence, the gross neglect of my blog.

I’ve been going through some fairly substantial chicken withdrawal. I miss my girls.

Of course, I miss my family more – but at least they can come and visit me when I’m in the hospital. The chickens – not so much.

I’m sad I’m missing so much of the tail end of summer. This hospital stay I’m in an old, dark, with no direct sunlight room. I have to admit, my prior stay was far more bearable with nearly full length floor to ceiling windows which gave a stunning view of NW Portland and glorious sunshine.

While I’ve been away John – as always – has been hard at work. The much talked of chicken coop expansion? It’s been mostly done for some time. But as of today it’s officially done. John just sent the pictures for me to see. I couldn’t help but share!

On this end of the coop from left to right you see the door that covers the screened section that we can set a box fan in when the temperatures get too high. Up and to the right, the little white round circle – a solar fan. The door to the right – the old nest box door. There are still four nest boxes there; it’s just the first set that was installed last year.

Pepper always wants to be a part of the action!

Okay – see that window on the left? Right below it is the double-door nest box opening. There are six nest boxes in there.

Here’s a peek looking past the nest boxes toward the fan door at the end.

There are actually three doors here. The one on the right – the cool door John built and hung. Then a little to the left near the ground – see the little door? That’s where we let the girls out in the morning. If I want to ventilate the coop, then I’ll open the big door, too. And then to the left, behind the willow trunk, is the original big door. John has converted that space for storage – and I think if we ever have another broody hen, we’ll likely keep her in there, too.


Beautiful, huh?!

He’s such a smart guy, that husband of mine!

7 thoughts on “All done!

  1. Thanks Nancy!

    I’m really very proud of him – the original part of the coop was the first thing he’d ever built – and it turned out so great! People stop to ask to check it out all the time. The addition makes it so much romier, too – the girls seem very content with it!

    And thanks for the well wishes. I’m so ready to be well and home!



  2. Take care of YOU! Sorry you’re “cooped” up again – I JUST DID THAT – I didn’t plan it, I swear!!!!

    I love the chicken’s additions….your hubby has done a fabulous job!

    Thinking about you!

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

    • Mad! LOL! You made me laugh – thank you! Ha ha ha!

      Thanks for keeping me in prayer! Hope all is going well for you – keeping you in my prayers, too!



    • I know – it’s pretty posh, huh?! That’s why I can’t figure out why some of the girls are still sleeping up at the top of the willow tree!!! The goofs! Maybe when it gets colder and the tree has no more leaves they’ll reconsider their ways! LOL!



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