So Cool!

My husband – as I’ve mentioned before – is an awesome, amazing, godly, wonderful, brilliant, genius type of guy.

While I’ve been lying around my hospital room being lazy, he’s been home – doing everything. (I mean EVERYTHING! Have I mentioned before what a blessed woman I am to be his wife?)

Look what he did yesterday:

SIX new nest boxes! This after getting up at the crack of dawn, doing all sorts of household stuff, then bringing me my Zune and headphones – oh and my lipstick, gotta have your lipstick while you’re in the hospital! Then he drove out to TCBC to pick up our daughter – about a 75 mile round trip from our house. Then picked up the other kids, came and visited me, got everyone fed, did EVERYTHING, and then THIS!

Isn’t he the coolest?

The girls think so, too:

This is Henrietta. Whenever John is in the yard she follows him. She has a big crush on him. (Who can blame her?!) She loves to be close at hand whenever he’s building anything. She seems impressed, doesn’t she?

The view from outside the coop – cool double doors to gather eggs from.

Nah… chickens aren’t curious at all! LOL! Ducky, Henrietta, and two off the Speckled Sussex girls who should start laying any old day now!

Ducky – she’s so cute! She’s got to be the first to check it out up close and personal.

I think she likes it.

Good little Speckled Sussex! This is where you’re supposed to lay your eggs! Not out in the yard. Not on the floor of the coop – HERE. Pass the word, okay?

See that? One of the Delaware chicks on the right? Oh, I hope she figures it out fast, too!

One of the Blue Andalusians on the right – she’s so pretty. And… I kind of suspect she may have already laid an egg. I’m so glad she’s so interested in the nest boxes!

Good girls!

Now all we need is for everyone to KNOW that this is where they are to lay – and to start! J

12 thoughts on “So Cool!

  1. Is there something about the small nesting boxes that is more conducive for egg laying? Do they like being in a small area? Somewhere dark?

    • They love cozy and knowing exactly what is around them when they lay. These actually look smaller than they are because they have several inches of pine shavings on the bottom. The hens will hop in there, then move the pine around, settle themselves in, make a bit of an indentation when their body, and then hang out a while before they lay. I think they just want to know they’re safe! 🙂

    • Lord, I hope so! But probably not. We’re thinking about getting some bird netting to cap the chicken run with. What a pain in the butt! Crazy chickens!

  2. Sweeeeet! Those nestboxes are awesome. And I really like tose double doors. Very unique. I may have to borrow that idea when we remodel our chicken house and remove our old nest boxes. I like this! And you are supposed to be lazy, if you’re in the hospital. Get your rest and heal well. There’s always time to be busy. And I must know….what is a Zune?
    (I’m so far behind in the tencho age. lol!)


    • Hey Lisa! I know – loving the double doors! We were actually talking about containment – sometimes they (the girls) want to escape via the nest box door, and with such a big bank of boxes, John thought this would help.

      Okay – the Zune is an mp3 player. I love mine. I’m kinda a music-a-holic – I have about 500 bazillion CD’s on it, and audio books, and can get the radio, too. A must have when one is in the hospital! 🙂

  3. I saw your note on April’s blog and just wanted to send along some XXs and OOs (as in XOX). I know exactly how you feel about needles, I’ve had bouts with the hospital in the past couple of years and they hate to see me coming. I’m sure they say “Meet her in the parking lot with drugs.”

    And now that I’m here at your blog, I’ll need to bookmark it because I’m a chicken person too. Showed them for a few years (which was great fun). Your collection of hens includes some of my favorites.

    • Hey Jan! Thanks for coming by! I’ll take all of those X’s and O’s I can get! I have a big date with a surgeon Thursday or a much hoped for endoscopic repair and I need the love! 🙂

      Aren’t chickens the coolest? Who needs therapy if you can sit in the yard with your chickens a while?!

      So glad to have met you! We chicken people gotta stick together! (Okay, and the needle wimps, too!)

    • Farm Chick – yep. Still in the hospital. We’re really praying for a successful procedure tomorrow evening – 6pm. If this works, it will basically be a miracle – but well, that’s what we’ve been praying for! It would be avoiding a big, huge, ickey surgery – and well, I’m all for avoiding those! 🙂

  4. Hi Dina,
    I was so worried about you. Apparently I have been missing your posts and wondered how you came out.
    Did you have to have surgery?

    I love all animals. My grandmother had chickens, cows, horses, goats, and sheep. I loved going to her farm and gathering eggs, letting the cows chase us (I know – pretty crazy to think of doing that now) and bottle feeding the lambs. Playing with the goats was fun also as they could get into anything and climb on anything.

    I have a monkey (Miss Betsy) who turned 16 in April. I have had her since she was one day old. I have 4 cats, yorkies, shih tzu, Goldendoodles and a bulldog. No I am not a breeder as I could never part with a puppy. I also have an African Grey, Hyacinth, who knows all the dog’s and cat’s name – and all my grandkids !! She likes to pretend she answers the phone and apparently copies my phone conversations. It is so fun to listen to her.

    I am glad you are home – safe and happy.

    We use to live in Albany, Oregon before we were transferred to Alabama. I love Oregon. We also lived a few years in Forest Grove which is near Hillsboro.

    • Linda – let me give you a link to my DS blog – That’s where all the low down on my hospitalization stuff is going on for the most part. But no – not out of the hospital quite yet – they’re saying tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

      Some day – if our dream comes true – we’ll have our own little farm. We just rent now, and are so fortunate to have a landlord who has agreed to allow us too have the chickens, dog, and cats. I dream of some day having sheep and goats(I’m an avid knitter and crocheter), I really want a cow! And definitely more dogs!

      We really do love Oregon – but we love the SE, too. We lived in Kentucky for a while, and came very close to relocating to TN. I’ll bet Alabama is beautiful. If nothing else – you’re a heck of a lot closer to Paula Deen than I am! 🙂 LOL!



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