Great-Grandma’s Toffee Cookies

…and it’s Fight Back Friday!

And this is the latest I’ve ever posted and joined the fun on a Fight Back Friday. That has everything to do with the fact that I’ve been sick and I’ve just been readmitted to the stinking hospital, darn it all!

However – I’m determined to still have some fun while I’m here I brought the laptop with me and I’m going to do my best!

Recently, I’ve been determined to try and find my Great Grandmother’s recipes. Unfortunately, I’m not as organized as I ought to be and they are not close at hand. There ARE, however, a few that we use regularly – so much so that it was a surprise to come across little notations written in my Mom’s beautiful script identifying the point of origin to my Great Grandmother Laura.

This recipe today is one such treasure.

The first conundrum: they’re called toffee cookies. I have no idea why. There’s really nothing about them that I would consider toffee. They ARE undeniably delicious – yes, without question. But toffee? That just confuses me.

The second conundrum: they really aren’t a cookie, per se, they’re a bar cookie. I know, semantics – but, well, I think that’s kinda weird too.

The third conundrum: I have never seen a cookie made quite this way. It is really its own little anomaly.

But you know what? They’re so darn delicious, I really don’t care anymore! I just make them, cause they’re fabulous.

I should interject here that we pretty much only make these cookies from late November to early January. Why? Cause that’s when my Mom, Grammy, and Great-Grandmother would make them. They are synonymous with the holidays, family, good cheer, warm and fuzzy memories. I realized today that they really OUGHT to be made more often – they’re just that good!

Great Grandma’s Toffee Cookies



1 cup

Butter, softened

1 cup

Brown sugar

1 large

Egg, separated

2 cups

All‐purpose flour

2 tablespoons


1 teaspoon

Vanilla extract


Whole Almonds


Preheat oven to 350° F.


  1. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy, then add egg yolk and vanilla, mixing well to incorporate.
  2. Blend in flour and cinnamon a little at a time.
  3. Pat out mixture about 1/4″ thick into a greased 9 x 13″ pan.
  4. Brush with egg white. (I just put the separated egg white on top, swirl it around, making sure the entire surface gets covered, and call it good! Of course, discard any excess egg white.) Mark into squares – but don’t cut through. You’re just giving yourself a guide for cutting after they’re baked. Place one whole almond in the center of each marked square.
  5. Bake bars at 350° F for about 25 minutes, turning the pan half way through the baking time.
  6. At the end of baking time, remove from oven. Allow to cool for 5 minutes, and then cut the bars at the marked places. Now allow to cool completely before removing from the pan.


Notes: My great‐grandmother used to make these and taught my Mom how to make them. Why they’re called “toffee” I have no idea – I just know they’re delicious and incredibly habit forming. Mom always made them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and sometimes my birthday (New Year’s Eve). The smell of them brings a flood of wonderful, warm memories!

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