I’ve been given an award!

I’ve been feeling kinda not so okay the past 24 hours or so. Little more pain. Little more fever. Way more tired. I admit it – I’ve been doing a whole lot of nuthin. I’m loving my bed. Loving my heating pad on my shoulder. And trying hard to not hurl.

Imagine my surprise when I learned I’d been given an award! Jenn at From the Desk of a Princess bestowed it upon me. Here it is:

Apparently the rule is to bestow the award on 15 of your blogging friends once you’ve won. Jenn (being the rebel that she is) decided to bestow it on two friends – and I’m one of them. How cool is that?

Just so you know – Jenn is a pretty cool gal. She’s a newlywed. She loves to write – and does a great job at it! She loves Jesus with reckless abandon. And she’s got a really cool tat! J

I’ve done lots of thinking and nosing around amongst the blogs that I’m subbed to, and I’ve decided to pass the award on to the following:

Laura at Milkland – a wonderful young woman, also a newlywed, who is choosing to live her life firmly rooted in faith – even when life seems to be crumbling around her. I’ve spent quite a lot of time praying for this young couple. They’ve really been through it!

Nicole at Linn Family Adventures – my own sweet, beautiful, wonderful, amazing niece. I love this girl to bits. She’s an awesome Mom and an amazing woman. I’m so proud of her.

Jules at You Don’t See That Everyday – who does a beautiful job of conveying the wonder of being a wife, mother, and navigating the waters of life. She makes me smile.

And, finally (cause I’m a rebel, too!)…

FarmChick at Four Sisters Farm – a wonderful family blog – a family going through the transition of moving to a new to them farm, establishing their homes, and relocating to be closer to one another. They’ve done amazing things thus far – and I anticipate more! They’re wonderful to follow as they go through life!

So that’s about it! I’m honored to have been awarded – my very first award! Woo Hoo!

Now – back to my comfy bed for my next IV antibiotic infusion.

Y’all take care now!

5 thoughts on “I’ve been given an award!

    • Jenn – I love tats – I’d love to see pics of yours! I think I’m too big a weenie to get one, though. My cousin’s wife has an awesome one that I’ve secretly coveted for ages. It’s a tramp stamp – with “Jesus” in the shape of the sign of the fish, in rainbow colors. So beautiful!

      Thanks again for the award! 🙂

    • Hooray! Enjoy the award – I know you totally deserve it!

      Thanks for the good wishes – I’m laying low and trying to be good. Both pretty hard for me to do on most days! LOL!

      Love you, too, honey!

  1. Wow! Thanks for the award! Someone actually reads me and likes me 🙂 (awe!) Now I will have to check out the other sites you mentioned too!
    So sorry you feel icky; I’ll be praying for you!

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