What am I gonna do?

My chickens are insane.

I’m serious.

Well, not all of them.

Ten of them at least.

These ten are of the 2009 chick batch.

They’ll be 18 weeks old on Tuesday – time to start egg watch – and they’re looking like they’re gonna start laying soon – getting combs, wattles, and are redding up.

Okay – so fine. Why do I think they’re insane?

This is why:

They want to sleep in the Willow.

Every night.

With my telephoto lens setting I can get a blurry picture of one of the girls way up toward the very top of the tree.

They don’t understand.

They don’t realize that there are all sorts of dangers out there!

What is with this?

Why won’t they go in the coop to sleep anymore?

They used to!

Then it got really hot – and they started roosting in the Willow at night.

They’re insane!

How do I get them to change this behavior?

I’ve tried treats at bedtime to lure them down.

They aren’t impressed.

I’ve tried calling, cajoling, scolding, pleading.

They don’t care.




7 thoughts on “What am I gonna do?

  1. Ha! this is too funny! 🙂 At least they come down during the daytime … right? You’ll have to find a way to trick them into the coop before they head to the hills, er, trees.

    • 🙂 I know – they’re nuts, huh?! Yep – they do come down during the day. The thing that’s so crazy is that because they’re so high up in the tree when they fly down, they land outside the chicken yard – but they want IN the chicken yard to be with their pals. But they’re too skittish to let me let them back in – unless I kinda trick them in. They’re so dumb! I’m hoping this rain will convince them that the coop is THE place to sleep tonight! Then I’ll have them!

  2. I’m afraid you may need to leave them in the coop all day for at least a couple days until they are used to roosting at night inside again. I can’t remember, do you have a solid and secure chicken run? If so, then it won’t be so bad keeping them in all day, just don’t let them out to free range until they have returned to their normal (inside) roosting routine. good luck!

    • Thanks Danni. The big struggle being that they’re flying up into the Willow that’s inside the BIG chicken yard. All of this time we’ve had chickens now – but NONE of the other girls ever tried this! Just this group! I keep hoping once they start laying (any day now!) that they’ll be more emotionally tied to the coop! I’m really hoping the rain tonight will help encourage them that way, too!

      We may just have to drape netting or something from the Willow to the top of the run. We’ll see. Hopefully they’ll be more cooperative than not! 🙂

  3. Would would have thought you’d have this difficulty with chickens – I can’t get my dog or my cats to come when I call them?
    Good luck!
    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

    • Thanks Mad!

      The big girls (last year’s chickens) definitely come when called. This year’s chicks – yeah, not so much! They definitely have their own ideas about stuff!

      I chose some different breeds for this batch of chicks for a number of reasons. A couple of them had notations about how they’re great at foraging. I wonder if that was an implied heads’ up that they could go native on me! LOL!

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