They’re all home!

This summer has been a hard precursor to my kids growing up and moving away.

Really – I want them to. I want them to be grown-ups, to be awesome people of God, to go on and live lives that are a blessing.

But not quite yet.

Next week Jonathan turns 16.

Next week Jessica turns 17.

For one wee day they’ll be the same age.

And Jonathan will NOT let Jessica forget it!

This coming school year – which kicks off September 8th – not very far away! – Jonathan will be a sophomore in High School. Jessica will be a senior.

This summer was supposed to be good for me.

To help me work through the heartache that I’m already experiencing over my kids moving on with their lives. (Of course, the fact that my eldest wants to go to the OTHER Coast of our Great Country does add to my sorrow a bit – I admit it. But I would never ask her to not go – she’s wise, smart, and her heart longs to follow after God’s will. If that’s where God is sending her, then that’s where she’ll go!)

I do need to interject here – that while I’m mourning my kids growing up and moving on with their lives… on the other hand I’m SO looking forward to the empty nest! John and I have never experienced that! When we married it was He and I and 15-month old Jessica and his Mom, the wonderful Hazel (who lives with Jesus now). Seriously – we are REALLY looking forward to that phase of life. It’s just that I haven’t figured out how to transition between the two emotions!

This summer Jessica is working at summer camp all summer long. She did two years ago as a crew member (aka grunt work – dirty, smelly, and icky – but character building grunt work!). This year she’s a CIT (counselor in training). She left for camp on June 6th. Before school actually even got out! (Paranoid Mom wasn’t so thrilled about that.)

Jonathan left for Mexico on June 15th to visit his Mom for part of the summer. He got home last Saturday, the 25th – late in the evening. That’s a LONG time. And then, he was home for just a couple of days before he was spirited away by dear family friends who take him camping with them each year – and he just got home this evening.


Poor William has been pretty much an only child this summer. And this past week while I was in the hospital, it just so happened that he was away at the same camp that Jessica works at as a camper. The very first time he’s been to camp – health issues have prevented in the past.

Both Jessica and William came home on Saturday from camp with the flu. UGH. Poor darlings.

Jonathan came home…




…more filled out…

…a little manlier…

…and $5 richer for having eaten two crickets on a bet! J (Now if I could only talk him into eating veggies!)

I’ve missed this kid.

He’s pretty hilarious.

And he doesn’t believe in smiling for pictures. He’s too studly for that. The goof.

I’ve always opined that if you could be president of the world based on personality alone – he’s gonna be there one day!

He has a deep love for God, this one – and honestly, I see him with every bit as much potential as Billy Graham or Luis Palau.

I am so proud of this kid.

It’s about time he got home!

So – tonight – all three of my kids are sitting behind me watching TV.

Why does that give me such a warm fuzzy?

Yes, I’m sorry that Jess and William are sick. Sort of.

I’m so ready to have them all home.

Not long, though, right?

I wish they’d slow down growing up a little bit, darn it all. I really like these kids.

But I’m also working on how to deal with the deep, profound pride that I will try hard not to shove down everyone I meet’s throats when these three are all grown and developing into the people God wants them to be. I don’t want to be a pest, really, I don’t.

Sigh… its hard being a Mom!



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