While I Was Away…

…a lot of stuff happened!

The birdhouse gourd plants got huge! And bloomed!

Pretty, huh?

This pretty little bush decided to bloom – in the withering heat!

LOTS of weeds grew. Lots.

Cucumbers grew!

…and more will come! Look at all of those lovely blossoms!

The deer did graze off the top of these bush beans – but actually left us the beans!

A bunch of chickens decided to part with a bunch of feathers. Who can blame them? It got up to 107° F this week.

The babies did lots of growing – look at those wing feathers! And they figured out that hiding under the green bean plants was a good way to keep cool.

And Ducky decided to eat one of my tomatoes – evil chicken!

Loads of blackberries ripened – and then fried and turned to – pretty much – fruit leather on the vine. So sad. Many of them are simply unusable. There is supposed to be cooler weather this week, so maybe that will help!

My sunflowers bloomed. J

And the very first poppies that I’ve planted (and I’ve tried – believe me – I’ve tried!) have bloomed. They’re a little fried, but I’m just thrilled with them!

The pears took on a bit of a blush.

The corn got REALLY tall. Doesn’t it look like an AT&T commercial?! LOL

There are LOADS of squash. Slightly over-developed squash, but loads, nonetheless.

Green beans grew!

This isn’t new – just really cute! Babies following Mama around the garden.

The cosmos started blooming.

The corn put on LOTS of ears.

…and when it got really hot – some of the April 2009 chicks – who are about to start laying in a couple of weeks… decided to start sleeping in the top of the Willow tree. The Willow tree that’s 20 feet taller than my house. I know it’s not a really clear picture – but pretty much in the middle of this picture above – is one of my Cuckoo Marans. WAY at the top of the Willow.

She’s not the only one, either.

Crazy chickens.

Still trying to figure out how to talk them out of this daring behavior. We often have raccoons through here. Racoons consider chicken heads a prime delicacy.

So – that’s pretty much it.

We’re REALLY looking forward to cooler weather this week. There’s even a chance of rain in the 7 day forecast. I can only hope. (I can’t believe I just said that! But desperate times call for desperate shifts in attitude!)

So happy to be home!

4 thoughts on “While I Was Away…

    • I know – right?! 107 is just WRONG. Really, really wrong. Especially when you live in a house where if you leave the 107 degree outdoors and enter into the 105 degree indoors. Blech!

      So glad it’s over! 🙂

  1. I love the squash…they look delicious! Mmm! And string beans, well, they are an old, sentimental favorite. My grandpa (who was legally blind most of my life) & I used to pick string beans when I was young. It was one of my most favorite things to go. Then I’d take them inside, grandma would put them in some cold water in the sink, bring a chair over so I could see over the counter, and put me to work snapping the ends off of them so we could have them for dinner. They had a chicken coop too, but it scared me more than anything. Had a few hens come chasin’ after me once or twice, and news of my grandpa finding snakes in the coop; that was enough to keep me at a safe distance! (Very common in rural FL, where I grew up.)

    • Wish I could send you a few squash and they’d still be worth eating! Had some for a snack yesterday – fresh off the vine, steamed and then slathered in butter, salt, and fresh ground black pepper. YUMMY!

      Your memories with your grandparents are so precious! My Grammy was a big time gardener and some of my early memories are of getting my hands dirty out in the garden with her – both of us with our butts up in the air! LOL!

      One of these days you’ll have to come visit our coop. 🙂 No snakes – I’ve never seen a snake on this property in 4 years – I kinda wish I had some to help the cats with the rodent population! Our chickens are friendly and allowed to free range in the yard at least a little each day – so they pretty much just ignore us – unless we come bearing gifts, then they love you!

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