Home… at last!

I knew I was starting to get sick on Friday, the 10th of this month.

It’s a long, involved, too detailed to convey adequately right now story – but suffice it to say I’ve had this illness previously. It was believed to have gone away – TWICE now.

As my symptoms progressed I wondered at some subtle differences to this illness as opposed to the two prior instances this spring. I did the prescribed home treatment options, however, tracked my fevers, pain levels, and nausea as previously directed, like a good patient.

On the 21st I called the doctor.

Something was… different. But the same – well – ish.

He was in surgery all that day and the next, but his assistant left him a message.

Just a note here. I have the world’s most awesome General Surgeon here in my town. The man will pick up the phone after hours to say, “I was just wondering, how’s it going?” Or a week before a scheduled appointment will call me and say, “I was just going over your chart, and wondered…” He’s a detail guy. God led me to him six years ago – another long story – but suffice it to say that the man is a huge blessing to me.

On Wednesday I started wondering if I should be in the hospital.

I hate being in the hospital.

On Thursday things were significantly worse. Maybe even a little bit frighteningly worse.

The doctor’s nurse called in the afternoon and said he’d just called in an antibiotic for me, and then she paused and asked, “Dina, how are you?”

So I told her.

In no uncertain terms she said to me, “Go to the ER now. Tell them who is sending you, that you need a CT evaluation, and they should report back to me!” She’s young, cute, very perky – but has the stern Mom voice down very well. It will serve her well in future life.

So I packed, put my medical records in my bag, and when John got home he drove me in.

They took me back immediately, and really, before too long, we knew that it was significant, and I was to be hospitalized.

Last time it was for 2 days.

This time – well, I got home this afternoon. And I’m on IV antibiotic therapy for another 4 to 6 weeks.

This morning when they said that I finally got to go home I went through a lot of emotions.

One – AWE over the amazing, benevolent, loving, gentle hand of God. How he had directed my paths. Brought me the exact doctors that I needed, who brought in excellent doctors to be on my new team, who chose a path of therapy and healing for me that has been a little humbling.

God – why do you love me so?

I’m so very thankful that He does.

And that He guides.

And nudges.

And sustains.

And comforts.

And loves in a way that only He can.

I have experienced fear, as well as an understanding of just how gravely ill I was, joy, pain, and peace this last week.

My theme song for the week? Here, let me share. If you do iTunes or Zune or whatever – go right on over and buy it – it’s a keeper!

“Made me Glad” by Darlene Zschech

I will bless the Lord forever

I will trust Him at all times

He has delivered me from all fear

He has set my feet upon a rock

I will not be moved

And I’ll say of the Lord


You are my shield, my strength

My portion, deliverer

My shelter, strong tower

My very present help in time of need


Whom have I in heaven but You

There’s none I desire beside You

You have made me glad

And I’ll say of the Lord


You are my shield, my strength

My portion, deliverer

My shelter, strong tower

My very present help in time of need


All one can say in response is: Amen!

So tonight I go to bed in my own wonderful bed. Next to my own wonderful husband. And will be singing this song in my dreams.

6 thoughts on “Home… at last!

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  2. I’m so glad you’re ok, Dina. What a horrible go of it you’ve had.
    You are extremely fortunate to have such attentive and caring medical professionals in your life. And good for you for paying such close attention to the signals your body was giving you. I’m wishing you a continued recovery back to happy health. 🙂

    • Thanks, Danni! I am so relieved to be feeling SO MUCH better! I feel advocated for and cared for by my doctors than I think one can typically (sadly) can expect. What a fortunate woman am I!

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  4. So glad you are better. And I know what you mean about His putting in the way of the most awesome doctors!

    BTW, my 6 months scans were CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR !!!!
    I go back every 6 months for scan for 5 years.
    GODis GOOD!
    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

    • Mad,




      Hallelujah, girlfriend! I’ve been praying and praying! Oh, what wonderful news! And now you have hair coming in, to boot! How cool is that?!

      Smiling! Tears of joy! Halleujah!

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