It’s Just Not Working Out…

It’s time for a parting of ways…

Remember when I started this blog? I mean – moved it over here from Blogger? The goal was to live a less fragmented life and so I was combining a couple of my more active blogs into one – this one!

Here’s the thing…

It’s just not working out.

When I feel the desire/need/thought to post about my weight loss surgery – or the technical stuff that goes with being a WLS post-op – or pre-op who is still researching – I feel myself go through this jumble of emotions…

…is it appropriate? I mean, how does it mesh with the garden? The chickens? The other stuff? Yeah, some of it works… some of it not so much.

…if I get too technical – well, there are a bunch of people who will wonder what the heck I’m talking about!

…if I post too many posts about WLS or the DS – it’ll seem kinda weird and out of balance…

So I’ve made a decision.

I’m keeping the DS-related stuff here – but I’ve created a NEW Living the DS Life on WordPress (cause it so kicks butt) – right here.

I’ll copy over posts from here that pertain to my DS – but all new DS- and WLS-related posts – they’re going over to the new blog:

In case you didn’t know – a really easy and great way to stay current on topics – on ANY blog – is to subscribe. I use the RSS feed subscription (that’s the funky little orange block up there) – and I love it. I have it set up to actually download new posts from blogs that I’ve subscribed to into a content specific folder in Microsoft Outlook. It’s so easy to manage that way!

Anyway – thanks! Thanks for putting up with my little experiment. Thanks for the congrats when I had my 7 year anniversary. It’s been a great ride so far – I’m looking forward to decades more posts about Living the DS Life.


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