He did it!

I’m kind of a confusing person, I think. I’m fiercely conservative. But I’m also strangely a major rebel at heart. Maybe those aren’t at such polar opposites any longer in our current culture! J

Maybe in part due to the fact that I’ve lived enough life now – and seen the outcomes of what pursuing self above all else brings in terms of fall out in the lives of some of my loved ones – I’ve formulated this baseline tenant in parenting. It is this:

If my kid is living their life in a manner that is indicative that their heart is right with God, their desire is to bring glory to God, and they have a level of honor and integrity in the choices they make, the way they live their lives, and the priorities that they make…. Well, then sure – if they want to get pierced, why not?! I honestly wouldn’t be hugely opposed to them getting tattooed, either – although I feel strongly that they must be adults before they pursue that sort of thing. If they want a wacky hair cut or color or that sort of thing – not a problem. If they desire a method of personal expression that might fall outside the “norm” of conservative culture – yet remain true to their First Love above all else – well, then, I’m not gonna be losing sleep, peeing my pants over it, or flipping out.

Because – face it – there are things that are so much more abhorrent, appalling, and all around destructive that they could be doing. Right? In the scope of the realm of things a kid could choose to do – bring personal harm to another, be chemically dependent, be sexually promiscuous, be self-destructive in any of about a bazillion possible ways – some things just really aren’t worth making a stink over, are they?

And I must also confess – as I have here previously – I’m not so opposed to expressing myself a little bit out of the norm, as well. I’ve had hair just about every color of the rainbow, in all sorts of crazy cuts over the years. I’ve had my nose pierced (in 1983 – way before it was the “in” thing to do), had multiple piercings in both ears, and have had some pretty wacky nails, too. (I think the fluorescent green finger and toe nails elicited the most response – and that wasn’t even the reason I chose that color – I just liked it!)

So – when William started talking about wanting a piercing months and months ago now, I was completely okay with it. You can see a little about that here. His sister, however, was appalled. She is – BY FAR – the most conservative of my kids. But she seemed to get over it and move on with her life. (Jonathan actually has one ear lobe pierced, and is contemplating having the other done, as well.)

Recently William started talking about MORE piercings. That he wanted his ear lobes pierced – and not just pierced – but gauged. (See picture of Pastor Ryan at Pioneer Woman Cooks here – he’s got his ears gauged.) That involves the initial piercing, and then a progression – months and months in the making, of moving up to the next largest earrings. Honestly – I think it’s pretty cool looking. I have seen some that make me kinda throw up in my mouth a little – it’s true. But clean, tastefully, appropriately done gauging – well, it’s cool. So, William did some research (I helped) and was able to determine that he wanted to do this in such a way that he didn’t end up looking like this – and would be able to remove his jewelry at some future point in time – should he so desire to – and have pretty normal ear lobes with the passage of some time.

So – after talking it over with both parents (one of whom is WAY more conservative on this issue – naming no names, of course! J) – and once William determined he did, indeed have enough cash saved up to pursue this course of action – a goal date was set. Thursday. This past Thursday.

And here you have it:

Cool, huh?!

Of course, the first thing his sister said was, “I just want you to know that I totally do NOT approve!” But I’m thinking she’ll get over it!

One thought on “He did it!

  1. I think it’s great that you’re allowing your kids this kind of freedom as long as they remain faithful to their First Love. My husband & I perfect examples why you cannot judge others based on appearance. I have 5 tattoos, my husband has 6 along with (4) 10 gauge hoops (2 in each lobe) plus an 8 gauge hoop. By all appearances, my hubby doesn’t look like your textbook Christian, but spend 5 minutes with him, and there is no question. The only concern I would have with kids is that when they are young, such things are fads and quickly pass. But only a parent can know the heart of their child well enough to know if they are capable of making such a decision while understanding the permanence of it.

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