Oh My Goodness Gracious!

This is Shelly.

Shelly is a California White chicken. She’s 15 months old. She went broody the first time when this past December, when she was just a young’un!

When she went broody again in June we decided to try and find some fertilized eggs to purchase to let her set on.

We were fortunate enough to find www.eggs2u.com and got a dozen eggs – six Dominique, six Silver Laced Wyandotte.

We got the eggs June 15th. Shelly has taken her responsibility as broody hen VERY seriously – rarely leaving the nest.

Today was Day 21 – when, typically, chicks start to hatch.

Here are some pictures – brace yourself – they’re just too cute for words!

Seven chicks have hatched. Sadly, two didn’t make it. Gosh, to work so hard to hatch out of those super tough shells and then die. UGH! BUT, by bedtime tonight, we had five beautiful little chicks. I’m not sure which is what breed – but you know what? I really don’t care! I’m having too much fun just sitting and watching them!

More on the babies soon – I promise!

That’s it from Hip Chick Chronicles Central tonight!

4 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness Gracious!

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  2. Awwwww! That is such an amazing experience. And your photos are just wonderful! The chicks were adorable and Mama Shelly did a terrific job. Thanks for directing me to this post. Like you, I am totally enjoying the broody hen and hatching chick experience.


    • Thanks Lisa! She was a wonderful Mom. In fact, I’m kind of determined to just get fertilized eggs whenever she goes broody instead of doing the hatchery chicks in future. It was so much easier that way!

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