I found it!

We have a dream… We dream to one day own a home of our own. Don’t know if it’ll ever happen. But there are some things that we consider to be essential to a future home.

Those things include:

  • Some elbow room… ideally, we’d like a place with at least an acre. My husband John would likely be happiest with a place with 10 acres or less. He thinks acres = work. (Not that he’s wrong!) I think – the more the merrier! More acres to explore, play in, let chickens be pastured in, have sheep, goats, cows… You know, stuff like that!
  • Some outbuildings… a barn, a chicken coop, a greenhouse? So many wonderful to contemplate options!
  • Some fencing… in our dreams – fenced and cross fenced, at least some!
  • Water – of some sort… a creek, a pond, something like that.
  • Woods… doesn’t every dream place have some woods? Some marketable timber? Places for teenage boys to roam!
  • A house that’s not falling apart. Enough said.
  • A house with enough bedrooms.
  • A house with more than one toilet.
  • A house with decent electrical.
  • A house with decent plumbing.
  • A house with some water pressure.

There are also some things we’d not expect to find in a house, but would like to implement – somehow, someway. They include:

  • Solar energy
  • Maybe wind energy, too!
  • Rainwater collection system

…to name a few. There are so many cool things to be done anymore. Stuff we’d love to implement and have a part of our daily lives!

We are currently very fortunate to rent a place with half an acre – in a town with an urban growth boundary! Seriously – most houses are on micro lots – think R-24 – yes, folks, that’s 24 residential units on ONE acre. I could go on and on about how frightening it becomes and the things it does the average Joe trying to just survive – not to mention the horrifying aesthetics of the whole thing!

And while we’re so thankful for the house that we’re renting, there are some drawbacks. What, you ask, are the drawbacks about our house that we live in right now?

  • While we love old houses, old can be a bad thing – particularly if it’s generally not up to code in – well – every way, shape, and form.
  • The entire house needs to be rewired – the electrical is a fire waiting to happen.
  • The entire house needs to be replumbed.
  • There is virtually NO water pressure – ANYWHERE – on the property.
  • There are original doors, windows, etc. Think circa 1946 – before energy conservation was a twinkle in anyone’s eye.
  • The entire house pretty much lacks insulation.
  • The heating system is original – oil heat (expensive!) – and entire regions of the house don’t get heat in the winter.
  • No fencing. None. Okay – well, technically – a short ornamental fence at the street. (Think completely incapable of keeping anything contained!)

We talked many times about the fact that we’d happily buy the place. (We’d have to have a windfall of some sort first, of course!) What would we do if we did? Invite the fire department over to practice burning down a house! (They do that, you know – it’s good practice for them to know how to control the fire and make sure it’s out.) Then we’d put a new house on the front half of the property, fence the entire place, and do some major yard overhaul. (There’s an apple tree about as old as the hills that seriously needs to go away! The only thing it does well is bean you with the fruit that is wickedly awful tasting and never ripens! Oh, there’s that dead cedar tree, too…)

So – I admit it – I look.

At real estate web sites.

They’re so stinking addictive!

Such a waste of valuable time!

And they lead to discoveries like this!

Isn’t it pretty? 21 acres! In Tennessee! We love Tennessee! (Yes, we do live in Oregon – and yes, Tennessee is far, far away!)

AND – it has this!

A real live tea house! With a working fireplace! Isn’t it adorable?!

What more could one need in life?

Oh – yeah – $1,750,000.00. That would require more than a bit of a windfall, huh?

Plus – imagine all of the housework!

How far would you have to go to find the laundry room?

That’s a lot of lawn to mow… I can just see my husband giving me the raised eyebrow stern but quizzical look – you know, the one that asks, “What do you think I am? Superman?!” (Yes, actually, I do. J)

But I can dream, can’t I?


7 thoughts on “I found it!

  1. Well, perhaps if we found a family or two (or 5, haha), like mine, for instance, that would be willing to share costs and gardening and yard work and housework, we could make it work?

    Cullen’s dream is a “Galt’s Gulch” of our own. Have you read Atlas Shrugged?

    • Nikki – I’m thinking this is the perfect plan. We’ve met several people over the past several years who have expressed a desire to do such a thing. Did you see the pool house on this one? 4,000 square foot pool house?! Good gravy!

      Okay – I’m game! All we gotta do is talk our husbands into it!

  2. We too have a dream like this. We are fortunate to own our house right now, but we look at realty websites too – for more room, acreage, etc. That place in Tennessee – lovely! “If only” it was in Oregon and “if only” it was for 1/8 of the price…”if only” 🙂

    • Jules,

      Several years ago we found a *lovely* property out in Banks – well, a little bit north – not that far off of Hwy 26. It had 85 acres, woods, a creek, a pond, two houses (one built in 1910, the other in the 50’s) two barns, two chicken coops, fenced, cross fenced, and about half a million bucks worth of marketable timber on it. It was going for $850,000 – a veritable steal in these parts. But completely out of reach for us! See – that’s the kind of place we all gotta find!

  3. There’s a lot next door to me. It’s pretty well wooded, has a dry creek running through–same one that runs through my property. It’s about 4-5 acres.
    There’s no house on it though. You could always buy a mobile home and put on it, then build your dream home behind the creek!

    The catch?

    It’s in Texas. But, that’s a great catch!

    • We actually looked at Texas more than once. I’ve got kin there! Property is SO MUCH cheaper there! (Well, than here! I’m convinced Kentucky is maybe cheapest – I keep finding places there.)

      We actually have looked at mobile and modular homes – they’re pretty cool anymore. Definitely NOT out of the realm of possibility!

  4. I’m with you…dreaming of owning a home one day. Right now, we live in an extended stay hotel room. So believe me, room to stretch out would be gladly welcomed in the form of a 1 bedroom apartment! 🙂

    Easy to get all caught in the wants and what not…the idea of owning a home seems to far out of reach, I just keep my eye on heaven, knowing that my mansion there will be far superior to any place I’ll live in here on earth! I’m thankful for any roof that keeps my head dry at night!

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